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Pause bug in iplayer beta

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  • Message 1. Posted by squelch41 (U13760678) on Monday, 31st May 2010permalink

    Just tried watching click on iPlayer beta. Have slow broadband connection. Inisitally, when down-rating bit rate, started playing but with the little white whirl wstill in the forground with screen darkened (despite playing the video constantly in the background.
    Also, if pause for more than about 30secs get 'content does not seem to be working, try again later'. If try again straight away is fine and if keep playing is fine


  • Message 2. Posted by John99 (U13871221) on Monday, 31st May 2010permalink

    Are other users seeing this problem ?

    I wonder if users with good bandwidth and high spec systems experience this problem.
    There are nearby threads about related topics:
    "new iplayer 'auto' bitrate - bad idea " -
    "no low bandwidth option in iplayer beta " -

    It may be that if the low-bandwidth option is retained in the final release all users will be happy whether low or hi-spec machine and regardless of available or variable bandwidth.
    We do know the BBC has already aknowledged some reports of the lack of a low bandwidth option.


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