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PS3 - Stutter every 10 secs or so on playback

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  • Message 1. Posted by Simbo (U14429900) on Monday, 19th April 2010permalink

    It seems there may be a problem with some drives used to upgrade the PS3 (e.g. my Seagate Momentus 500Gb). Looking on the web it seems the drive is either spinning down or parking the r/w heads after a period of 'inactivity' [maybe a few seconds).

    The iPlayer then makes some sort of demand on the drive when playing content (every 10 secs or so) and is held up while the drive gets going again and responds.

    A 'fix' is to play a looped & silent MP3 in the background before using the iPlayer.

    I have contacted Seagate (they couldn't be bothered) and the iPlayer team pointed me at this forum.

    Has anyone any ideas as to a better way of fixing this annoying problem? Next stop will be Sony (but I bet they will say it's a 3rd party drive/upgrade so nothing to do with them).


  • Message 2. Posted by John99 (U13871221) on Monday, 19th April 2010permalink

    If such a fix works others may be interested on links to the background information you found on the web, although presumably only PS3 s with a none standard HDD upgrade will develop the problem you describe.


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  • Message 3. Posted by bryces (U187610) on Sunday, 29th May 2011permalink

    Thankyou for this!!!!

    I had exactly the same problem, and just assumed that it was something to do with my network or the implementation of Flash on the PS3.

    Now I have downloaded a simple 2second silent MP3 ( from ) and have started it on a permanent loop before running the iPlayer and I have no more pauses every 10 secs or so!

    For anybody who wants to know how to set up an MP3 to loop - simply copy it to memory stick (it has to be in a directory not in the root, so stick it in something like music\2sec.mp3).

    Then go to your PS3. In the Settings menu, go to the Music Settings and ensure that the Output Frequency is set to 48 kHz (otherwise you won't be able to have the MP3 playing in the background when you switch to the Web Browser, or in this case the iPlayer).

    Now plug in the USB stick to the PS3. It should show up under the Music menu. Navigate to it and select it. It should show your silent MP3. Highlight this, select Triangle and then Copy. This should copy the file to your PS3 hard drive.

    Now remove the USB stick, find the silent file under the Music menu and click play. You'll have to be quick here as it is only a 2sec file, but click Triangle and go to the repeat icon (the racetrack shaped icon with two arrows). Select it and it should show up next to the play icon in the bottom left. Select it again and it should show the same icon with a 1 next to it. This means that it will keep repeating the same track (without a 1 it will repeat all tracks on your hard drive). If you weren't quick enough and the PS3 went on to another track you may have to move back and forward between tracks to get back to the silent track.

    To check that it is working you can select the Display icon in the top right. This should show the PS3 constantly replaying the 2 second track over and over.

    Now pressing the PS3 button will take you back to the XMB. You can then go to the iPlayer and play a programme without annoying pauses!


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