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  • Message 1. Posted by nilsy69 (U14863885) on Sunday, 8th May 2011permalink

    Here I am, deliberately waiting for the F1 to finish, so that I can watch the whole thing from the start.

    I have managed to avoid all news broadcasts on BBC Radio, all news articles on all websites I normally browse, and then I navigate to the iPlayer website.

    I understand the need to link to other sites and pages, but I am furious that the BBC link "SPORT" at the top of the page takes you to the BBC NEWS PAGE for SPORT.

    This wouldn't be so bad if you could quickly click away before you see something, but oh no, the BBC think it would be a great idea to plaster a huge picture of the winner of the F1 I am about to watch all over the page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




  • Message 2. Posted by drhowells (U8852041) on Sunday, 8th May 2011permalink

    The links at the top take you to different parts of the BBC website, not iPlayer genres. Why wouldn't the BBC have links to other parts of their site?

    The BBC Sports area is simply called Sports, so the link name is correct.

    As for having the winner of F1 on a Sports webpage....not even going to go there.


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  • Message 3. Posted by nilsy69 (U14863885) on Sunday, 8th May 2011permalink

    My issue is with the ease in which a viewer can ruin their prospective viewing through lack of clear navigation.

    When looking for a program that has been shown earlier, you expect most navigation on the iPlayer site to be DIRECTLY related to the iPlayer content.

    I fully understand the linking back to other areas of the BBC, but it is reasonable to suggest that the headings at the top of the page link back to other quick links of the iPlayer content - and it is not readily shown that these quick links are going to take you to the external BBC NEWS website.

    Surely if you are on the iPlayer page, and you click a link that says SPORT you expect to be taken (in a shortcut style) to a list of sport iPlayer pages.

    My argument is that when trying to preserve the result of certain sporting fixtures, more clarity could be provided in these links.

    I would also suggest that it is a problem unique to Sporting fixtures, as it will be difficult to ruin the ending of a soap in a similar fashion.

    i.e. there are no links that offer to take you to a page where the ending of Eastenders or a similar program are given away with a headline or image declaring the outcome!

    I was not suggesting that the content of the news page regarding sport should show anything other than what it did - I was merely venting my frustration at the ease in which a pleasant afternoons viewing of the iPlayer was destroyed by quite reasonable request for clarity.

    As a web designer myself I can speak with some experience on the matter.

    Perhaps if the sports heading was accompanied by "Sports News" it would help clarify this.

    The term News on the left of this, suggests that this is the top level heading where all news - sporting or otherwise is to be found, and the heading "Sports" will take you to a list of previously shown sporting programs for your viewing.


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  • Message 4. Posted by Guv-nor (U7476305) on Sunday, 8th May 2011permalink

    Where would you expect the link that says iPlayer would take you under your logic?


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  • Message 5. Posted by nilsy69 (U14863885) on Sunday, 8th May 2011permalink

    Back to the main home page for the iPlayer.

    A better question is the one I have asked, that being where do you think the Sport link would take you on the iPlayer page?

    I do not want to get bogged down in this, it just surprised me that it didn't take me to a list of iPlayer programs on BBC sport.


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  • Message 6. Posted by Guv-nor (U7476305) on Sunday, 8th May 2011permalink

    That top band is the same on BBC sites

    Why would it be different on iPlayer pages.


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