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  • Message 1. Posted by John (U14850718) on Sunday, 24th April 2011permalink

    I cannot find any facility to search the message boards, making it effectively impossible to see if my question has already been answered. This will drive users to post multiple versions of the same question quite un-necessarily.

    Can someone point me to the Search or, if not, when will the boards have it? This seems like a pretty basic requirement to me.


  • Message 2. Posted by matt (U8621220) on Sunday, 24th April 2011permalink

    Hi John,
    There is no search facility on these boards. The BBC never got round to adding it.

    You can search using Google by adding this after your search terms

    -profile -start-a-new-discussion

    The BBC will be closing these boards soon so I doubt a search option will be added now.

    See the "Our days are numbered..." thread


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