iPlayer not working on Fedora Linux

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  • Message 1. Posted by mcloaked (U14660746) on Monday, 18th April 2011permalink

    There is no information on the download section about Fedora under the Linux list that currently only includes Ubuntu and Suze.

    There may well be a number of users who have tried to download the iPlayer code (and Adobe Air) only to find that it won't work. The reason is that Fedora by default runs selinux and the default set of security contexts will not allow the iPlayer to use the execstack access on a process - and nothing will then work.

    If a Fedora user tries to download the programme and is not an expert then the system may well leave unusable files both in the system area (if the user has the root password), as well as in the user area including downloaded programmes.

    There should be a warning in large letters about this and not allow the programme to be installed unless additional guidance is given for working around the selinux issues - and in any event the security access required should never have been needed for a well written piece of code in the first place!

    Once installed it is necessary to manually get rid of the installed directories but not all users will know where this has been placed or how to get rid of it!

    So please, BBC, it would be a service to users to sort this out.



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