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  • Message 1. Posted by BeatleUK (U14844033) on Saturday, 16th April 2011permalink

    I apologise if this question has already been asked and answered, the only search box I see is to search the whole of the BBC not just this messageboard. To avoid duplicate posts and some people may not want to answer the same question again and again, it would be useful to have a search facility so people could see whether their query has already been answered. Infact someone else might have already posted about this but as I can't search for it, I have no idea whether someone has or not haha.

    My main problem is with Formula 1. FreeviewHD won't be available in this area until at least the end of February 2012. I don't have FreesatHD and I have just purchased a new flatscreen Full HD Sony TV which allows me access to BBCiPlayer. I have also bought a Sony Blu-Ray player which has access to BBCiPlayer too and ironically gives me an option to view content from the BBC HD channel whereas the TV doesn't. I appreciate that programmes as digital downloads/streams take up space on a server and there are certain limits but with a popular programme like Formula 1 I am unsure why it is not available in HD as a watch-again service, as it is now broadcast in HD. Are there any plans to do it this season or do I need to spend a hundred quid on FreesatHD just to watch it this way (and then sell it afterwards)?


  • Message 2. Posted by matt (U8621220) on Saturday, 16th April 2011permalink

    Hi BeatleUK,
    There is no search facility on this board.

    The BBC never got round to adding it.

    You can search the boards through Google by adding this after your search terms

    -profile -start-a-new-discussion

    The BBC will be closing these boards soon so I doubt a search option will be added.

    See the "Our days are numbered..." thread


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