There was a problem with downloading this programme -- might be due to being ......

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  • Message 1. Posted by JB (U14407743) on Sunday, 3rd April 2011permalink

    Online at the time. I have been using Iplayer since it came out and love being able to download programmes for later - I travel a lot and they are a good way of getting a series. However I have now narrowed the titel problem as being:

    Worse if I am away from the UK AND connected to the internet at the same time as wishing to watch a programme.
    If I turn the internet connection off then click on playing a particular programme it wil play -- if I am connected then the 'there was a problem downloading this programme message' I have found the same in the UK but it tends to be when my iplayer has a lot of programmes on it.

    An example is that I have been downloading and storing THe Killing series and have forgotten a couple of times to disconnect and then lose the programme I wanted to watch. If I click on the programme and then re connect it's okay I can continue watching or leave until a bit later and watch even the next day..

    Any thoughts??



  • Message 2. Posted by Chris O (U13750132) on Monday, 4th April 2011permalink

    The problem you are experiencing is because of the way in which iPlayer Desktop works. Essentially, this is what happens:

    When iPd starts, the first thing it does is to go to the net to check that each program in the repository has a valid licence.

    If it can't get to the net, it omits this check and the programs are marked as valid (so they will play).

    If it can get to the net and, for whatever reason, it can't validate the licences, every program is marked as invalid and will not only not play, but will also be deleted as soon as you try to play it.

    So, the way to ensure that you can watch a previously downloaded program (that is still within its licence-valid period) is as follows:

    . Do **not** "autostart" iPd when you turn on your computer.
    . Disconnect from the net before starting iPd.
    . Start iPd from the shortcut and play your program.

    HTH smiley - ok


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