Get rid of Digital On-Screen Graphics please

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  • Message 1. Posted by Ant (U13686297) on Wednesday, 3rd December 2008permalink

    The most annoying thing about modern television is those horrible channel logos.

    Although they have been common on low quality channel hopping satellite channels for many years I was very disappointed to see them on BBC3 and BBC4 when I got Freeview. I also noticed BBC HD broadcasts with a DOG when I saw it being broadcast in Currys.

    I am also disappointed that programmes on the iPlayer also include a DOG, though occasionally they are omitted; I have not yet seen one on Watchdog or Question Time for example, once or twice they have also been missing from Holby City.

    On the iPlayer these DOGs are tucked away in the upper left corner, and although they are still annoying and I wish they weren't there they are not placed in the 4:3 safe zone like they are on broadcast television. If you have watched BBC3 or BBC4 on a 16:9 screen you will have noticed how intrusive these logos are when placed in the 4:3 safe zone.

    I was very happy when the BBC announced that they would broadcast live TV on the iPlayer but I was very dismayed when I viewed live BBC1 on the iPlayer and saw a horrible 'BBC One' DOG.

    I assumed that BBC 1 and BBC 2 would be broadcast without DOGs as they are on regular television broadcasts, but sadly not, and even worse the DOG is placed in the 4:3 safe zone. Why does the iPlayer window need a DOG in the 4:3 safe zone in the first place?

    Please BBC, ideally, get rid of these DOGs from the iPlayer altogether or at the very least remove the DOG from the 4:3 safe zone on live streams.

    Why are television companies falling over themselves to spoil the enjoyment of their viewers with horrible unwanted screen clutter that only serves the broadcaster's purpose?


  • Message 2. Posted by EggOnAStilt (U7111730) on Wednesday, 3rd December 2008permalink

    I 100% support the removal of DOGs the most intrusive thing ever put on a TV screen.
    The BBC have not given any sensible explanation for the use of these logos.

    If it's to brand the channel, they have not actually explained the benefit the viewer gets from this branding. If it's channel loyalty ideology then it's misplaced. Viewers turn the TV on to watch programmes not a certain channel.

    Having letters and numbers floating around in the middle of peoples' on screen faces, continually distracting from anything going on, must have an actual purpose or why do it?

    The HD DOG beggers belief, imagine a Constable with big white letters JCHD in top left corner.smiley - dohsmiley - laugh

    It most certainly is not to help a channel hopper, which has been bounced around before, as I would defy the BBC to give a make and model number of any digital receiving equipment that does not give channel information as soon as you start "hopping", so the DOG is redundant for that purpose.

    Come on BBC just get rid of the DOGs, don't fall in line with the cheap channels.

    Most of all, stop grooming younger people on their targeted channels, e.g. BBC Switch and CBBC, it's not gone unnoticed.


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  • Message 3. Posted by pauljarvis86 (U10630812) on Wednesday, 3rd December 2008permalink

    Totally agree, they're a complete waste of time, ESPECIALLY in this digital age (when we can find out what channel we're watching at the push of a button). The bright pink BBC Three DOG is totally unnecessary and seriously needs sorting out (but of course a bright colour in the corner means the lowest common denominator will pay attention, won't they?).

    The BBC ARE (sort of) listening to viewers by removing the DOG on most of BBC HD's output... well, dramas and films. It's not the best solution, but it's a start.

    In fear of repeating Egg, if they can justify using DOGs without using 'in the competitive digital age' or 'we need a brand identity' which are total non arguments in my view, then they should do so. Then again, if enough people kick up a fuss, they may listen and get rid of them (though the apathy that most viewers have towards this is worrying!).


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  • Message 4. Posted by Cat In Boots (U13672446) on Wednesday, 3rd December 2008permalink

    Yep.... DOGs are hugely annoying, along with credit squeezing and voice-overs during expensively recorded end music.

    Then there is a new(ish) thing the BBC have started to copy from inferior stations..... the *coming up* and *next* features towards the end of a broadcast.

    Please can all these inanities be consigned to the broadcasting dustbin?

    But I'm not holding my breath! Maybe Screenwipe will have another go.

    smiley - laugh


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  • Message 5. Posted by paul (U14825191) on Sunday, 27th March 2011permalink

    I agree, DOGs are unecessary and I find them very annoying.

    Browsing TV related sites I see many complaints about them. I've never seen anyone saying they like them!

    They are especially annoying on 4:3 material, where they take up a higher proportion of the visible area. The fact that these old programmes were originally broadcast without them, but in these days of advanced technology we have to suffer them, also adds to the annoyance.


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