What can triallists say or not say about iPlayer?

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  • Message 1. Posted by Improbulus (U2471959) on Sunday, 17th June 2007permalink

    I think it would only be fair if the BBC made it very clear what triallists can or cannot say or show others about iPlayer - it should be possible for the BBC to spell out the exact limits on our free speech.

    The BBC email to triallists towards the end of May said "You are reminded that this is a closed test and that all information regarding BBC iPlayer Beta is confidential."

    ALL information? That seems a bit blanket to me. If it's really so hush hush then why has this message board been set up so that any Tom Dick or Harriet can access it without having to login? Other broadcasters are ahead of the game anyway on this, and the consultation papers have been made public, so I wouldn't have thought it was a big trade secret.

    For example it would be helpful to know - are we or are we not allowed to blog even the fact that we are triallists? Are screenshots allowed on blogs etc, or not?

    My experience has been that screencasts are apparently not allowed (not even ones which show just 1 second of a programme here and there to illustrate how good the video/sound quality is).

    So I would caution other triallists not to even blog or post on message boards (other than this one I guess) about their participation in iPlayer, until the BBC have told us clearly exactly what we can or cannot say and do.


  • Message 2. Posted by growingdelta (U8157903) on Wednesday, 20th June 2007permalink

    yeah i agree with you totally, ive told my missus about the trial simply as i needed her to help me test it out which hopefully will provide some benifit to the development team.

    Would be good if there was some kind of NDA though but im just not telling anyone else about it, theyd only get jealous anyways hehe smiley - winkeye

    normally in the technical betas ive been involved with previously - a NDA does block you from publishing any kind of screenshots and information on websites until a official go ahead - normally timed with a bigger public beta access or full release - so im sticking to that rule for defo anyway

    internet leaked beta information can actually wreck a product with damning reviews etc of a unfinished product


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