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  • Message 1. Posted by graemehorne (U14811279) on Tuesday, 19th April 2011permalink

    When you used to click on more information about the show, there used to be a link from the iplayer through to the DJ's page, where you could pick up the tracklistings.

    This was removed probably about 4 months ago. I never bothered to get in touch because i thought it was obviously a dumb error that everyone would complain about and would be corrected quickly. However it continues....

    It was much better before when the "more information" gave you a link to the DJs page. Or alternatively if i could just pick up the tracklisting from the more information drop down that would be great, but require more development work rather than just reverting to what you used to do.

    hope to see this back soon. I'm not the sort of person who normally emails in but this does really bug me as it used to be possible and you removed it.



  • Message 2. Posted by Guv-nor (U7476305) on Tuesday, 19th April 2011permalink

    As an experiment I looked at Radio 1 for yesterday.

    Programme 1
    The Chris Moyles Show
    On the right - Chris' Homepage -
    The Monday programme track list

    Programme 2
    Fearne Cotton

    The track listing also available there.

    Also on Radio 2
    The Chris Evans Breakfast Show, track listings available.

    Radio 3 the same.


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