Radio (live) break ups since new iPlayer roll out.

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  • Message 1. Posted by Jesus the Teddy Bear (U2401609) on Thursday, 7th April 2011permalink


    When the old iPlayer used to lose the stream (occasionally) it would re-buffer and then 30 seconds later start again, it was annoying but so intermittent nothing more than an annoyance.

    Since the new player has rolled out, I can hardly listen to 5 minutes without having the stream die, and then it wont buffer itself I have to manually refresh the page to get the stream back, then it dies again etc etc etc..

    I have tried normal and low bandwidth and both suffer the same problems.

    PC is running Linux with the latest flash player

    ISP is TalkTalk, that I grant you is a pile of poop but works fine for everything else and is cheap :p

    as I said it worked fine before so it seems to be something between the new iPlayer and Linux perhaps ?


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