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  • Message 1. Posted by guruswami (U2112998) on Sunday, 3rd April 2011permalink

    Today, DID and every programme, every channel on-line BBC radio. Never noticed it like this ever before in ten years. Spoiled it. On line is the only form of radio mlistening I do. Don't own a radio...what now, is this forever?


  • Message 2. Posted by Stewart (U13896146) on Sunday, 3rd April 2011permalink

    I agree with this posting someone else said that all stations on the i player were fine today i beg to differ just tried again it hopeless ,someone said it was the recording quality of the shows ,no way i have listened to all these shows before nothing wrong with them with todays technology this is a disgrace and we loyal listeners of Radio 7 deserve better.


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  • Message 3. Posted by karen (U14548423) on Sunday, 3rd April 2011permalink

    I've had the same problem. The sound was distorted. I thought it was my broadband. Perhaps its because Radio 7 no longer exists and everything is transferring to Radio 4Xtra?

    What was wrong with Radio 7 anyway...why change....sorry I digress.


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  • Message 4. Posted by Mark Vickers (U13916337) on Sunday, 3rd April 2011permalink

    Yep, most programmes are totally unlistenable. What a train crash!

    Surely the BBC could have tested this before switching over to the new iPlayer - or at least have given us the choice to stick with the old one while they figure out what's broken.


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  • Message 5. Posted by SO (U14222862) on Monday, 4th April 2011permalink

    This isn't an iPlayer issue. It's an issue with the streams themselves. The Windows Media Streams break up too and at the exact same points as in iPlayer.


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  • Message 6. Posted by guruswami (U2112998) on Thursday, 7th April 2011permalink

    My problem appeared to be for the Sunday only as by the next day I had a low bandwidth option and that stopped the problem dead.

    So what happened on the Sunday I don't know. There was no escaping it.


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  • Message 7. Posted by John99 (U13871221) on Thursday, 7th April 2011permalink

    @ Amadaeus2k8

    As always please confirm that you have sent off a contact form to the BBC.

    That is an interesting point.
    If what you say is correct surely the BBC should be able to hear and correct the fault, or at the very least make prominent announcements about problems.

    Is anyone else able to confirm this ?

    If you can tell the streams break up at the same point then presumably you are using listen again and not listen live.
    (? Or are you playing two live streams simultaneously ? )

    Can you give examples of this with a couple of programmes, stating the URL used and the times of the break up. (On iPlayer TV you can provide links to timed points in programmes, but I do not think that is possible with Radio)

    There are some announcements:
    "BBC Radio – Why am I experiencing intermittent sound issues when listening
    to content?
    05 April 2011 09:55"

    We are aware that some users are experiencing intermittent sound issues when attempting to listen to BBC Radio content.

    This is under investigation and we hope to resolve the problem as soon as possible. { iplayerhelp.external... ]

    But such announcements can remain for months without the BBC updating them, or explaining exactly what streams and programmes, or groups of users may be affected. But the more contact forms they get the more likely they will investigate and fix it.

    See also iplayerhelp.external... but regarding advice to upgrade to firefox 4, I would point out that firefox 3.6 is fully supported and I see no reason why there is any necessity to upgrade to firefox 4 unless you want to. (As long as you are already on firefox 3.5 or 3.6)

    ( Firefox 4 being new has some unresolved bugs, and has some compatability issues that firefox 3.6 does not have
    - in firefox 4 for example you may have to experiment with turning off hardware acceleration, that is a retrograde step, but that issue does not occur on firefox 3.6)


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  • Message 8. Posted by John99 (U13871221) on Thursday, 7th April 2011permalink

    Trying to comment on the advice I get a page headed

    "There seems to be a problem"

    There seems to be a problem

    Thank You For Your Feedback ... { iplayerhelp.external... ]

    It is not clear from that whether the BBC feedback contact form is actually working, or whether it is telling me it had a problem with it. Is it a case of the BBC asking for comments and then not even handling those comments


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