Mystery of the missing Doctor Who Episodes (radio) on mobile iplayer

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  • Message 1. Posted by Listened_with_Mother (U14816970) on Thursday, 17th March 2011permalink

    I have been trying to listen to the classic Doctor Who series ( Narrated by Tom Baker) that are currently running on BBC7 , but as i can't listen to a digital radio when they are transmitted, i like to listen later, on my iphone, via my home wifi andthe mobile iplayer. This week's series (Doctor Who and the Creature from the pit) started on episode three.

    Episodes one and two failed to materialise on the mobile iplayer, althought they featured on the normal iPlayer. When i contacted the BBC to ask why this was, i got a stock answer about rights agreements for imported programmes, and sporting events make some programmes unavailable on the mobile iplayer.

    Does anyone know the real reason for the missing episodes? Dalek attack? distortion in the space/ time continuum? or just plain incompetence?


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