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  • Message 1. Posted by JoeChip (U13759661) on Thursday, 4th June 2009permalink



    Noxon iRadio


    NJ, USA

    A few weeks ago, the iRadio portal changed the R5LI stream from one which had worked perfectly well for the last couple of years to a new one. The two streams listed above are the ones I have found via vTuner.

    Now the stream has up to a minutes break every few minutes then drops completely after half-an-hour or so.

    I have contacted vTuner and they say it's either the quality of the stream or an issue on my LAN. I have investigated my LAN and I don't believe it is a local network problem.

    Incidently, I notice that although I am not experiencing the same problem on my Reciva based radios, the R5LI WMA stream has, today, dropped from 64kps to 48kps ...

    Please advise. Thank you


  • Message 2. Posted by James Cridland (U3915086) on Thursday, 4th June 2009permalink

    Only one of those stream addresses is valid - the r5l.asx one. It will automatically choose the correct stream (UK or international) for your internet device. Internet Radio Devices should use only .asx (and .ram) files that live in /radio/listen/live and nowhere else - for our UK national services at least. We don't support any others.

    We haven't heard anyone else with issues with this stream; but happy to investigate further if it is a problem for others.

    Bitrate is the major cost for us to support our listeners outside the UK - and we need to continuously review the cost of streaming overseas. This reduction of bitrate is a result of juggling our streaming budgets.

    However, we're adding additional methods of access this month, which I'd rather not completely reveal here in case we don't manage all of them and people shout at me for not delivering something. I'll announce them when we've achieved them all.

    I must apologise for the lack of notice. The change in bitrate for our international streams was scheduled to happen after our service enhancement: there's a complicated amount of work going on, so I apologise for the short-term loss of quality.

    Thanks for reporting this: is this the first internet media device mentioned in this messageboard? (grin)


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  • Message 3. Posted by JoeChip (U13759661) on Friday, 5th June 2009permalink

    Thanks for getting back. The buffering/dropping issue is still a mystery to me. However, let's see what happens ...

    Bitrate on R5LI is back up to 64kbps, at the moment.

    I look forward to future developments.


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