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  • Message 1. Posted by Merlin (U14851945) on Monday, 25th April 2011permalink

    I downloaded several episodes of the serties "Helicopter Heroes" and watched some of them. The rest had a couple of weeks of the license left.
    I then upgraded iPlayer to the latest version and found that it ran a cleanup process to remove old programs from the repository. That was fine, except that it also removed all the unwatched episodes of Helicopter Heroes. It left me the ones I had watched!
    It seems that the series is no longer on the web site - in fact search does not even find the title. It also seems that the new iPlayer decided to "revalidate" the licenses and the web site declined for these unwatched programs.
    It is very irritating that iPlayer then proceeds to delete the programs because they are not now recoverable.
    What is going on? How can a program be cancelled before its viewing license expires? Why does iPlayer have to re-check perfectly valid licenses in the first place?


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