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  • Message 1. Posted by Will_I_Am_89 (U14840439) on Wednesday, 13th April 2011permalink

    I use IPlayer a lot but as all know programs come and go. Especially the Horizon ones, however on looking throughout the internet I have found that some people have uploaded these programs onto You tube.
    I gave the BBC a call they said it's okay for some programs and not for others but understandably this is hard to monitor.
    I got given another phone number by them (08700 100 222 - Doesn't work) to do with program information, as they were most likely to inform me what was legal to watch and what wasn't (On You tube that is).
    Perhaps an archive list of usage and viewing rights on all BBC programs past and present would be helpful.
    Otherwise if anyone knows the answers (not 42) I would appreciate it.


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