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  • Message 1. Posted by TallulahBelle4 (U14836587) on Sunday, 10th April 2011permalink

    I realise this is an idiotic question to ask but I am a bit of a wally!

    Does watching programmes that I've downloaded onto my iPlayer desktop use a lot of bandwidth?

    I realise that the size of the programme is shown but does that refer to the actual process of downloading it?

    Many thanks for anyone who can answer my gibberish!


  • Message 2. Posted by John99 (U13871221) on Sunday, 10th April 2011permalink

    The size of the programme is shown, that is what counts.

    If you stream the programmes and so view them without downloading the first, it will depend on which quality you choose, but expect the file size to be similar. Note there are some smaller files available for downloading if you use windows.

    Using desktop itself to view a programme does not use bandwidth (it may use a very tiny amount if iPlayer Desktop connects to the internet) as the programme is already then stored on your computer, you may watch it repeatedly , until it expires, so if you watch a programme 4 times (once on your computer) it does not require any more bandwidth than just downloading it the once.


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