Lambing Live - series 2 Episode 1-5 missing from iplayer-HD

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  • Message 1. Posted by calaf1982 (U14835597) on Friday, 8th April 2011permalink

    Right now, it change the status of the programmes (episode 1,2,3,4,5) from coming soon to not avaible?
    I am looking forward to see it in HD.
    Will it come back?



  • Message 2. Posted by Guv-nor (U7476305) on Saturday, 9th April 2011permalink

    It may, perhaps but not guaranteed if you make a formal report of a defective programme. And make sure you do one for each episode. They are broken see

    Your best course of action is to use the formal report form as noted here iplayerhelp.external... the actual link to the form is almost hidden click on the words "Contact Us form" to be taken to the form.

    The form appear to be (no it is) a right pain to fill in but the seemingly pointless information has some use I suspect.

    The sooner that you make a report the better the chance is that things will get sorted before a programme expires, also do not think that somebody else will have probably already done the reporting, even if they have a single report can with no evil intent get overlooked.


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