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  • Round up: Friday 9 October 2009

    4:51pm on 09 Oct 2009

    Seeing as the BBC Basic/BBC Internet Blog logo was prominent throughout it seemed appropriate to mention Micro Men here!

  • BBC iPlayer goes HD, adds higher quality streams, releases iPlayer Desktop out of Labs

    10:45am on 24 Jun 2009

    Hi technicalboy,

    Once you click on "Use lower bandwidth version" as Anthony suggests, BBC iPlayer will remember this and you'll only be offered the 500kbps version. The link is at the bottom of every programme page.

    See this FAQ for more information on how to do this

    Don't forget that downloading programmes and playing HD programmes will use more of your 25GB monthly allowance than playing the lower quality streams.


  • Help and the BBC iPlayer messageboard

    11:16am on 23 Jun 2009

    Hello Russ,

    I've forwarded on your comments to the techies who deal with the way the board looks for them to investigate.


  • Another exciting new sound for BBC Radio

    3:32pm on 19 Jun 2009

    Hello Ian,

    Have you seen the BBC iPlayer help page at


  • Help and the BBC iPlayer messageboard

    10:03am on 05 Jun 2009

    Hello Chris,

    I don't understand your complaint, all queries through the FAQ page are answered by the BBC. As I have said above, the messageboard is no longer the most efficient way to deal with queries.

    Hello Lucas,

    Service Updates does have posts on problems, but these are removed as soon as the problem is fixed. As for reporting problems with programmes, the FAQ pages are searchable and are updated when we know there is a problem with a programme, so we do offer what you're after, but on the help pages.


  • Interesting Stuff 2009-12-05: BBC iPlayer round-up

    11:23am on 21 May 2009

    Hello EFF,

    I'm the iPlayer messageboard host and am supported by others on the team. We tend to keep Service Updates limited to important service announcements. We also update Twitter

    We link on the boards as much as possible where relevant but other users are also doing a good job updating and posting links.


  • Open Post 2009-24-04

    11:52am on 28 Apr 2009


    The live streams are listed at


  • Open Post 2009-24-04

    1:07pm on 27 Apr 2009

    #37 achookang

    That is strange, I've passed this on for the team to look into.


  • Open Post 2009-24-04

    09:44am on 27 Apr 2009

    #3 ChrisCornwell

    We state several times on the messageboard that we don't respond to every new post, but we do monitor them all. For one thing other users may be able to help, and often the answer is already in the searchable help pages

    You can also contact the support team there - they do respond to every query and their support shouldn't be "limited". While they may take some time to respond, major issues should be flagged up and passed on to us swiftly.


  • Why no Wire?

    11:30am on 01 Apr 2009


    We do answer all your questions in the help pages -

    What are rights -

    How do I know what's available? - This explains Not Available/Coming Soon.

  • Take part in BBC iPlayer Day this Friday

    4:09pm on 11 Dec 2008

    Hi lambethsteve,

    Did you read this, it came out today

    "This month, the BBC will replace the download player with new cross-platform software that runs on the desktop, though using the Flash-based - and Windows- and Mac-compatible - Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) rather than Windows Media."


  • Take part in BBC iPlayer Day this Friday

    12:02pm on 11 Dec 2008

    Hello Egg, I hope to have an announcement on the board and a special section later today.


  • BBC iPlayer goes portable

    3:40pm on 10 Oct 2008

    Hi Andy,

    Have you seen the FAQ on transfers? You may need to play the file on your computer before sending it to your phone


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