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  • Open_Post:_September_2014

    3:11pm on 05 Sep 2014

    ... and another point, what's with the ridiculous font now being used on the Web for Radio Programme titles on the network pages.

  • Open_Post:_September_2014

    7:48pm on 03 Sep 2014

    1. Agreed about the iPlayer removal. This is a poor move which really shouldn't have been implemented. 10 years should be a minimum to maintain this service on any device. The licence fee payers funds argument really doesn't come into this with products that are less than 5 years old.

    2. Any news on HD streaming for live channels, this was promised some time ago, I fear it's slipped?

    3. When will the BBC Store for purchasing content be implemented?

    4. When will the window be extended on iPlatyer to 30 days?

    5. When will Radio downloads on iPlayer Radio be available?

  • Childrens_and_News_channels_moving_on_Freeview_and_YouView_EPGs_today

    7:38pm on 03 Sep 2014

    Thanks for this comprehensive description of the why and wherefores of this.

    Are there any plans to increase the availability of BBC FOUR HD on Freeview? It's a shame that the transmitter network is so sparse.

  • Summer_of_Sport_on_the_BBC_Sport_App_on_Connected_TV

    12:38pm on 24 Jun 2014

    Superb first day at Wimbledon, perhaps a suggestion that would help lock individual streams to courts so that, as happened in the early evening, at least on iPad, the competitors names on the guide matched the action. The matches were there but mislabelled. Indicate the court clearly on the content too.
    CC - Lorenzi v Federer
    for example.
    Notwithstanding that issue, keep up the good work.

  • Making_the_most_of_summer_2014_on_Red_Button

    4:18pm on 18 Jun 2014

    Can I talk Connected Red Button,

    Have in the last month bought a 2014 Sony, Specifically for this service. the 2013 versions had CRB as part of the trial. The 2014 I bought doesn't. This surprises me, and yes annoys.

    When will this come out of Beta and be installed on all new receivers. Sony advise it's a BBC decision. Glastonbury will be a pain without it.

    Thanks for your other efforts on additional broadcast content outlined aboive.

  • Summer_of_Sport_on_the_BBC_Sport_App_on_Connected_TV

    11:28am on 12 Jun 2014

    Thanks for the replty,

    Any plans to start feeds of live video earlier, say 10mins or so, so people can lock onto content right at the start and not have to join after it begins? (applies on all platforms really)

  • New_BBC_iPlayer_for_TVs_out_of_preview

    8:40pm on 11 Jun 2014

    For Marcus Parnwell,

    Sony Bravia
    SW PKG2.134EUA.

    Failures occurred with CBBC and BBC FOUR Content only, perhaps you had server issues at the time. Would like this checked out though.


  • New_BBC_iPlayer_for_TVs_out_of_preview

    7:50pm on 09 Jun 2014

    New Sony Bravia
    KDL42-W829 using latest SW

    Issues with a 40Mbps download speed of crashing out of the new version. Seems to stop rather than buffer as previous versions on older equipment did.

    Programmes play ok via BTTVV+ on old version interface fine, and also via BR player.

    Also need to route via App rather than Connected Red Button, which I hoped would be on board. a new receiver.

    What's causing this aborting process on the new receiver.

    (and another Radio disappointee too)

  • Summer_of_Sport_on_the_BBC_Sport_App_on_Connected_TV

    11:56am on 09 Jun 2014

    .... and the Airplay to Apple TV option for the player on IOS iPad seems to be missing (Queens Tennis)

  • Standard_Media_Player

    11:11am on 09 Jun 2014

    Would love to see consistency of bit rates across BBC Websites.

    iPlayer seems to train to around 2.8Mbps,
    Sport to 3.5Mbps
    News to 1.5Mbps

    As far as I'm concerned the fraster the better.

    I presume that this player will serve the BBC Store and HD Channel Streaming being launched soon.

  • New_BBC_iPlayer:_comments_round_up

    12:22pm on 07 Jun 2014

    Another one disappointed by the radio omission, which was very useful and was an easy route to quality listen again content. Hopefully a Radio App will become available for connected TVs in due course, the indepenedent sector is doing so now.

    IIts also a pity that my new Sony receiver still relies on routing via an App rather than the Connected Red Button route, when is this (CRB) coming out of Beta, so that manufacturers can add this to sets not involved in the Beta trial?

    A reply would be most welcomed.

  • Summer_of_Sport_on_the_BBC_Sport_App_on_Connected_TV

    12:14pm on 07 Jun 2014


    I can confirm that the juddery video issue is also on Sony 2014 receivers.
    New KDL-42W829B running PKG2.134EUA,

  • Introducing_the_new_BBC_iPlayer

    4:11pm on 12 Mar 2014

    Any response to my points 19 and 28?

  • Welcome_to_the_new_BBC_iPlayer_on_TV

    2:18pm on 12 Mar 2014

    Removing on demand Radio is a major drawback for me. Not everyone wants to receive catch up radio in poor quality audio on phones, tablets and pcs. We need the expansive volume available from a television receiver. Rethink this withdrawal and re-introduce radio. Atlernatively at a last ditch alternative devise a BBC i\Player radio app for TVs.

  • Introducing_the_new_BBC_iPlayer

    3:00pm on 11 Mar 2014

    .... and another vote for the Downloads facility to be fixed, window sizing and sorting as were poiinted out on launch of the new iteration.

  • Introducing_the_new_BBC_iPlayer

    1:13pm on 11 Mar 2014

    I note that the HD streams are still 1080 * 720 @ 2800kbps.

    Why the reduction in bit rate?
    Why did you not take the opportunity to offer 1920 * 1080 versions of HD programmes.

    I fear that fast action sports will suffer with this new constraint on content.

  • BBC_Eurovision_2014:_Our_vision_for_Copenhagen

    5:19pm on 28 Feb 2014

    Tristan ,,,, The Eurovision website UK release says that the Red Button feed WILL be on Eurovision Web TV this year, tell your friends this.

  • BBC_Eurovision_2014:_Our_vision_for_Copenhagen

    4:23pm on 28 Feb 2014

    Thanks for this.
    Once again so so late, this should have been revealed in early January so that the act and song got featured on the other selection shows and presentations that have been running for months now.
    I fear that a low key Red Button presentation shows fear and lack of intensity. Why not use the One Show at 7pm on Monday to do the reveal.
    I really hope that you've got this right, a low placed result once again will be so so disappointing for us enthisiasts of the programme. There are some damn good songs in the mix this year already.
    I await Monday, with anticipation and yes worry too.

  • Winter_Olympics;_a_new_approach_to_the_BBC's_live_event_coverage

    10:33am on 20 Feb 2014

    HD? On my Infinity connection, on the web, running at 50Mbps the video only trains up to 2.096 kbps ... which cannot deliver HD quality, the detail is missing. The codec needs examining. Previous Web content has run at 3.500 kbps.

    Catchup ... Why is this not within the Olympics pages, and made available within the six month IOC window?

  • Winter_Olympics;_a_new_approach_to_the_BBC's_live_event_coverage

    12:40pm on 11 Feb 2014

    Not impressed actually,

    Where are

    1. Duplicated Red Button Feeds on the Website
    2. Complete replication of the Connected TV feeds
    3. FULL Catchup of all coverage including the Red Button and Connected TV offerings
    4. HD Streams of EVERYTHING including Catchup, Connected TV and individual event snippets.

    The 2012 Olympic and Wimbledon interfaces of the past did this, so where's the progress with this offering?

  • Sochi_Winter_Olympics_Index_Launched

    9:14pm on 09 Feb 2014

    I note that the Main BBC News page indicates 'Watch in HD', where are these feeds, I only see 1500kbps content on IE and Chrome on a BT Infinity connection running at 50M?

    What is happening?

  • Sochi_Winter_Olympics_Index_Launched

    11:34am on 08 Feb 2014

    Another 'Where are the reruns?' on the website questioner. AND why oh why are the iPlayer on demand re runs ONLY IN STANDARD DEFINITION yet again? Madness.

  • Sochi_Winter_Olympics_Index_Launched

    5:53pm on 06 Feb 2014

    Really annoyed that there's no HD service to iPads via the Sports App or via the Safari browser. Saddening.

  • BBC_iWonder:_Introducing_Interactive_Guides

    2:01pm on 20 Jan 2014

    Excellent product.

    Hope the maintenance work is better than the BBC Sport App revision, Which was reported as having faults within hours of launch, before Christmas, and still remains un-fixed.

    These things need testing to destruction and more, something I feel is being neglected in the publishing process at present.

  • Open_Post:_January_2014

    11:10am on 17 Jan 2014

    1. Another supporter of 1080 HD Content on the iPlayer.
    2. When is the issue with the BBC Sport App not going full screen with Video highlighted on launch going to be fixed? Olympics are looming.
    3. Also when is the enlarge window facility and sorting issue with the iPlayer Downloads to be fixed ?

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