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  • NHS structure changes come into force

    4:39pm on 01 Apr 2013

    I have faith that it isn't the same in all areas but my local GP service is somewhat unhelpful, obstructive, even when it comes to patient care. So I'm somewhat dismayed by the future of healthcare in this area.

  • Children should be allowed to get bored, expert says

    5:24pm on 23 Mar 2013

    Boredom ain't all it's cracked up to be - left me feeling very frustrated as a child as I had no means of creating something out of nothing. Also left me feeling abandoned by my family, and neglected. I spent a huge amount of time on my own and I grew to quite like my own company. Boredom makes me cause mischief. Did back then and still does now in my 40s.

  • Google Street View - a closer look

    10:52pm on 07 Mar 2013

    I'm amused that people feel that Google shouldn't be doing this without getting people's permission first. And how do they think Google is going to contact everyone in the world to get this permission? By email, text or snail mail? Oh, I know - we could ask Santa to ask permission on his next round. After all he's the only person who gets to go to every household in the world every year......

  • Children 'bringing cold chips to school' for lunch

    3:57pm on 25 Feb 2013

    Colski - the problem is that ciggies and booze make revolting sandwiches!

  • Children 'bringing cold chips to school' for lunch

    3:30pm on 25 Feb 2013

    And I wonder why I never had children! I'm sure it's a really tough job trying to be creative enough to provide food for your kids that they will eat; I have to say that when I was at school I had sandwiches that many times for lunch that I generally avoid them nowadays having had a lifetime's worth in my youth!

  • Oscars 2013: Seth MacFarlane opens Oscars ceremony

    11:49am on 25 Feb 2013

    Daniel D-L never seems to play your average leading role - you know, the superhuman, wonder kid, super-successful sort of person that, say, Brad Pitt, Michael Douglas or George Clooney would play. His films aren't exactly easy watching and require a great deal more thought to be provoked. That's pretty brave I say, and whilst they aren't my cup of tea, I do respect him for taking the risks he does

  • Social care cap to be set at 75,000

    3:23pm on 09 Feb 2013

    My aunt has dementia and lives in a care home and I'm appalled by the cost for her to stay there versus the quality of life they offer. A room (sometimes shared) often with no en-suite washing or toilet facilities; dreadful food; staff paid minimum wage; the ratio of staff to residents is criminal. The only person benefiting is the owner! Seriously - owning a care home is a license to print money!

  • Egypt football: Death sentences over Port Said stadium violence

    10:52am on 26 Jan 2013

    Well it's one way of cutting down on football hooliganism! What a deterrent......

  • Most parents 'lie to their children'

    10:18am on 23 Jan 2013

    Seriously though, perhaps some parents should be honest and telling their young daughters that pre-teens shouldn't wear high heals, short skirts and make-up because it makes them particularly attractive to nasty adults with unpleasant tendencies.

  • Most parents 'lie to their children'

    10:08am on 23 Jan 2013

    I heard of one parent telling their kids that if the ice cream van was playing its tinkly tune that was a sign that it had run out of ice cream so not to bother getting excited.....

  • Gerard Depardieu 'granted Russian citizenship'

    6:32pm on 03 Jan 2013

    13% - can I have Russian Nationality too?

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