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  • Petro Poroshenko's Normandy ascent

    11:43pm on 05 Jun 2014

    It chills my very soul whenever I think of the Eastern Front in World War Two. I mean, there were atrocities by the Nazis in the West too - eg. Oradour sur Glane - but at least, by and large, they recognized the Geneva Convention. Uncle Joe realized as early as 1941 that Operation Barbarossa was a direct mortal threat to Soviet Union's existence; a racial war of extermination. Think Poland!

  • Grand_Final_2013:_Results_Show

    10:00pm on 21 Dec 2013

    What an Incredible Weekend for Liverpool... Reds top of the Premier League + Abbey Clancey winning Strictly! Natalie was the best dancer, but Abbey has probably had the longest most improved journey to the Final.

    Genuinely loved ALL 4 Finalists tonite! :-)

  • Grand_Final_2013:_Results_Show

    9:31pm on 21 Dec 2013

    Anyone else had problems with the phone lines? Try to vote for anyone but Nartem - and why would you? ;-) - and you get "phone lines are barred." Strange? :-/

  • Grand_Final_2013:_Results_Show

    9:20pm on 21 Dec 2013

    They were all exquisite tonite, but Natalie has just left me breathless, spellbound & speechless. She swept me up in that final dance! :-D

    Girl Power!

  • Grand_Final_2013:_Results_Show

    9:07pm on 21 Dec 2013

    Honestly I feel like ALL 4 of the Finalists have been a triumph throughout the entire course of Series 2013. Susanna is clearly so personable & warm; Abbey is a class act; Sophie & Natalie born performers... Pity they can't take a quarter of the glitter-ball trophy home with them! :-) Go Girls!

    Though she is always back-stage, you can clearly see Tess conducts the pace of the show keeping Bruce subtly on his cues! ;-) But at the risk of patronizing, Brucie keeps up a heckuva pace on Live TV at his time of life. Hope I can keep his energy @ his time of life! :-) Bravissimo!

  • Strictly_Final_2013:_Live_Show

    7:52pm on 21 Dec 2013

    I must confess that I hold Brendan Cole against Sophie, which I know is tremendously unfair of me! I can only imagine how smug & conceited he will become should he win the glitterball! Still, they all danced SO WELL but Natalie & Artem blew me away! Top the leaderboard (despite not counting) but get voted out? Really?!?! :-o

  • Strictly_Final_2013:_Live_Show

    6:43pm on 21 Dec 2013

    I sincerely think this could be anyone's night... It might be how each couple performs on the night! Though I fear for Natalie unfortunately 'cos I don't think it's good to be voted in the bottom two from the Semi-Final. But ALL those girls have danced brilliantly this series & would be worthy winners! Good Luck to 'Em ALL! :-)

  • London 2012 Olympics: Team GB aims to top Beijing golds

    11:44pm on 07 Aug 2012

    Undoubtedly, this is an unforgettable Games! Iconic venues, regenerated park, and wall-to-wall coverage 24/7. Well Done Auntie Beeb! You put NBC to shame without their budget or staff! It has been absorbing & exhilarating in breathless & unbelievable days of sport! The stories that spring forth. Heady days at 3rd in the medal table (behind the Superpower duel) & Nasa successfully landed on Mars!

  • Olympics cycling: Sir Chris Hoy wins sixth gold with keirin win

    10:32pm on 07 Aug 2012

    The word 'Legend' is bandied around a lot in this day & age, but they could almost rename Edinburgh after Sir Christopher Hoy and few would scarcely argue. Victoria Pendleton should be so proud for her illustrious career & no-one could begrudge Anna Meares an Olympic Gold. Queen Victoria has been a tremendous sporting ambassador! The scope & breadth of TeamGB success is astonishing @London2012!

  • Euro 2012: Are Spain the best team of all time?

    4:27pm on 02 Jul 2012

    I never like to compare teams or individuals across eras/generations because I don't think it can ever be a fair comparison. You can only beat what is in front of you, but Spain have developed a unique formula that wins matches and defends superbly. To play with no centre-forward, strength in depth, speed & accuracy when required, always thinking about the game...La Roja reina suprema otra vez!

  • Noisy neighbours tear down the walls

    6:53pm on 01 May 2012

    Manchester United paid for being so negative! 10 players behind the ball with Rooney a lone striker...the only way that could work was to catch City on the counter-attack.

    The momentum has shifted @ the top again & it should be City's to lose. They can't lose the initiative again, can they? Can they?! But if Manchester City end up winning the League title on goal difference only, I can well imagine the red half of Manchester being sick to the stomach. Two more wins & the title should belong to the sky blues...Look out for slippery banana skins! :-)

  • Ambridge Extra Omnibus

    2:45pm on 06 May 2011

    An everyday tale of the young country folk of Ambridge. That Jamie is either a young scallywag or simply misunderstood! Is Alice & Christopher's marriage in trouble? U decide.

  • Jane Austen's Persuasion

    2:40pm on 06 May 2011

    Flighty romantic drama in rural England, from the heroine of early nineteenth-century literature.

  • Terry Pratchett - Wyrd Sisters

    03:01am on 17 Apr 2011

    Classic Pratchett - great parody of Shakespeare's Macbeth!

  • Terry Pratchett's Mort

    00:25am on 11 Apr 2011

    Death on a break! Brilliant idea!!

  • Doctor Who - Series 5

    01:50am on 01 Apr 2011

    Humans sharing Planet Earth with a whole new species! Wizard! :-)

  • The Barchester Chronicles

    5:35pm on 22 Mar 2011

    Period drama whose people have complicated love lives and relationships.

  • Doctor Who - Series 5

    8:08pm on 21 Mar 2011

    Love the idea that we humans are co-habiting Planet Earth with a whole different species of inhabitants! Do we share or fight?

  • Doctor Who - Doctor Who and The Br…

    00:29am on 15 Mar 2011

    The Doctor kicking it old school with one Sarah Jane Smith! :-)

  • Waterloo Road - Series 6

    5:58pm on 14 Mar 2011

    Never before has school been so dysfunctional. Bravo to the teachers and pupils who go there!

  • Being Human - Series 3

    5:56pm on 14 Mar 2011

    Vampires, werewolves and ghosts...O my! What's not to like?

  • Holby City - Series 13

    03:44am on 14 Mar 2011

    NOOOOO!! Don't go Sister Donna Jackson!! A young chick has flown the nest. Dramatic human medical drama.

  • Holby City - Series 13

    03:42am on 14 Mar 2011

    Noooooo!!! Don't go Donna!! A young chick has flown the nest. Terrific human medical drama.

  • Outcasts

    04:51am on 08 Mar 2011

    Fantasy sci-fi tracing the human colonization of a new planet after Earth burns & is made uninhabitable.

  • Middlemarch Omnibus

    4:54pm on 05 Mar 2011

    Classic human drama by George Eliot set in tightknit rural England.

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