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  • Welcome to Autumnwatch Unsprung 2010!

    1:10pm on 08 Oct 2010

    Great quiz last night

    I enjoyed the unsprung quiz last night. Sometimes there are articles in the quiz that we might not ever see in our day to day life so it was great to see things that I could find in my back garden in the quiz. I've always wondered what the small white balls in soil were and now I know. Thanks Unsprung!

  • Update from the Pensthorpe kestrel and sparrowhawk nests

    4:17pm on 02 Jul 2010

    Some very interesting thoughts theSteB. Although I don't have an answer as to how the male 'understood' it needs to provide more food, I wonder what triggers it. Does the male recognise that the female has not been present and so 'steps in' to provide more food itself or perhaps the male responds to the chicks who perhaps are displaying more hunger or even distressed type behaviours? Perhaps the young chicks are calling more frequently because they are hungry, which is what the male picks up on and responds to? I often wonder what animals 'think' and find the behavioural aspect fascinating. hmmm interesting to see what others think

  • Mamma Mia! writer brings some Bristolicious lushness to BBC Three

    9:00pm on 10 Jun 2010

    Enjoying dappers and agree its nice to see the west country represented on tv. As a born and bred bristolian I'm not totally convinced by the accents mind but good effort! Like the take on the name - I'm guessing dappers is a take on daps.

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