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  • new_iPlayer:_preview_feedback_and_live_launch

    10:25am on 14 May 2014

    I would like to see the following functions added:

    1. The ability to list "Favourites" sorted by "expiry date and time" (with the first program due to expire at the top of the list), with the expiry date and time shown alongside each program in the list.

    2. The ability to tag a program as a "Favourite" *directly* from the channel's Schedule list e.g. from here: or from the Category sublist e.g. from here: or, for that matter, from whichever list I happen to be looking through for items of interest.

    As it stands, I have to open the program, scroll down to find the "favourite" tag, then click it. This is unnecessarily time consuming. As these two features were available in the previous version, I really hope to see them back in the near future.

    As a matter of interest, I do accept the need for change in life and when this new iPlayer first came out, I used it for three days, filled in the survey as requested and then reverted to the old version because of the "favourites" issues mentioned above.

    Please address these issues!

  • Ban smoking in cars, says British Medical Association

    08:49am on 16 Nov 2011

    A bureaucrat has gone into the office recently, made a cup of coffee, sat down at their desk and thought: "Now, what can I ban today"?
    In short, they need to get a life, not over regulate the lives of others.

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