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  • Jobless total falls to lowest since July 2008

    11:03am on 17 Apr 2015

    Begin sarcasm.
    Imagine how low unemployment would be without those immigrants stealing British jobs
    End Sarcasm

  • Food on your phone

    4:18pm on 20 Feb 2015

    Great isn't it.

    There are important stories on sims being hacked by spy agencies and laptops being sold being sold with pre-installed malware.

    What does the BBC trust us to comment on? Pictures of food.

  • Is email broken?

    12:43pm on 19 Feb 2015

    So Rory's problem with email is, primarily, unwanted content?

    I have to put up with Ads I don't want to see when watching TV and listening to the radio. Are TV and radio broken?

    I have to put up with junk mail coming through my letterbox. Is the postal service broken?

    I have to put up with Rory's articles. Is the BBC News site broken?

  • Office puts chips under staff's skin

    12:16pm on 30 Jan 2015

    Since the advent of engine immobilisers thieves can not longer "hot wire" cars to steal them. Instead they break into the owner's home to steal the keys, often threatening or assaulting the owner to obtain them.

    A crook who has no objection to roughing up a car owner to get his keys will have little objection to taking a penknife to someone to obtain their implanted chip.

    Seriously bad idea!!

  • Facebook - lessons from the panic

    2:04pm on 27 Jan 2015

    @40 MaxIsMe

    "Can anyone point me towards a good technology column"


  • Facebook - lessons from the panic

    2:00pm on 27 Jan 2015

    @19 ems:-

    "This is about a communication tool being taken away from people who need it"

    Yes, for 40 MINUTES!

    Nobody is going to die if they can't use Facebook for 40 minutes. I use Facebook, it can be a useful tool, but the world would not end if it disappeared and never came back.

    Some people (and reporters) need to get some perspective.

  • Facebook - lessons from the panic

    12:24pm on 27 Jan 2015

    Oooh, Facebook down for 40 mins. Armageddon approaches!!

    How about reporting on something that is both more serious and interesting? What about the changes China has made to their "Great Firewall" that has been using a flaw in the DNS system to redirect requests to other sites and, in some cases, bringing them down:

  • Dentists not clear about costs, says Which?

    10:06am on 19 Jan 2015

    Can someone please explain why my teeth are different to every other part of my body?

    If I develop a problem with any other part of my body I visit my doctor and it gets treated "free at the point of use" on the NHS.

    If I get a problem with my teeth it's time to remortgage the house as I cannot find an NHS dentist, and even if I could its still expensive.

  • Centcom - a PR disaster, not cyberwar

    5:15pm on 13 Jan 2015

    I see the Ministry of Truth is waving the ban-stick with it's usual zealousness.

  • The 12 tech months of 2014

    7:33pm on 30 Dec 2014

    There is more to technology, even IT, than smartphones, tablets and "social media".

    Someone please tell Rory

  • Does AI really threaten the future of the human race?

    10:03am on 06 Dec 2014

    Serle was a fool, Nosey Matrron. His Chinese room intended to debunk the idea of machine intelligence, but in showing that you couldn't tell tthe difference between real self awareness and a simulation, he only succeeded in showing it didn't matter. If it looks like a duck and behaves like a duck, it IS a duck.

  • Does AI really threaten the future of the human race?

    09:52am on 06 Dec 2014

    A lot of people posting references to sci-fi tales of evil AI. Take a look at Frank Herbert's Dune, where compuers are outlawed and most people live miserable lives subjugated by an elite ruling class, or Ian M Banks "Culture", where people want for nothing in a society where artificial life (Drones and Minds) live in benevolent harmony with us. I know which I'd prefer.

  • Does AI really threaten the future of the human race?

    09:42am on 06 Dec 2014

    There appears to be a lot of confusion about what is meant by AI. It does not mean "self aware", nor does it mean "Artificial life". It can mean no more than the ability to make decisions based on statistical analysis. Driverless cars are barely closer to beecoming self aware than a house brick.

  • Can internet companies monitor terrorists?

    3:45pm on 26 Nov 2014

    The stupidity of our Government and our esteemed Home Secretary never ceases to amaze me These two were known to MI5, yet they did nothing with the excuse that there was too much data. What do they now propose, gathering even MORE data on EVERYONE.

    Obviously the best way to find terrorist needles is to create thousands of new haystacks, rather than lookin in haystacks MI5 already know they are in

  • UKIP conference: Income tax cuts plan to be unveiled

    11:06am on 26 Sep 2014

    I wouldn't trust a 'kipper to run a bath, let alone the country.

  • U2, Bendygate and iOS8.0.1: Apple's banana skins

    11:17am on 25 Sep 2014

    ***" who, but a very sad hipster, would stuff a huge phone into his impossibly tight jeans and sit on it?"[RCJ]

    As opposed to the regularly sad hipsters who rush out and buy overpriced Apple gear WITHOUT the tight jeans?

    FYI, have often accidentally sat on my Note II ( which looks almost identical to a 6 Plus BTW) when I forgot it was in the back pocket of my not-so-tight jeans to no ill effect.

  • Who has won the social referendum?

    2:47pm on 17 Sep 2014

    How about the "Technology Correspondent" actually reporting on technology?

    This is like a motoring correspondent reporting on choosing the best supermarket.

  • Scottish independence: Final day of campaigning ahead of vote

    11:20am on 17 Sep 2014

    Hoping for a "Yes" vote.

    I certainly don't want more of my tax £ going north of the border due to the Three Stooges' pathetic bribe attempt, and I can enjoy Salmond's discomfiture as everything falls apart around him with a satisfying sense of schadenfreude.

  • Scottish independence: Campaigns seize on Scotland powers pledge

    11:25am on 16 Sep 2014

    I used to be in favour of Scotland staying in the Union but this latest attempt by Cameron, et al, to bribe the Scots with MY taxes has changed my mind.

    If this bribe is what it takes to stay, then I'd rather you went and took Salmond with you.

  • Most popular baby names Amelia and Oliver

    11:14am on 15 Aug 2014

    So good of the BBC to allow us to comment issues of such world shattering importance.

  • Teenagers and the news game

    11:11am on 15 Aug 2014

    People like to talk, discuss and argue about current affairs. These "new" methods of obtaining news give them give them the opportunity to do this.

    "Traditional" outlets like the BBC deliberately stifle discussion (why IS the BBC only enabling comments on the most bland and inane articles?), so is it any surprise that people are moving away from them?

  • JustPark and the sharing economy

    2:00pm on 08 Aug 2014

    Wow! Most of the spaces in my local area cost more than the local authority car parks, and aren't as conveniently located.

    Good for people wanting a safe place to park their shiny new Jag, etc, but not a lot of use for most people.

    Nice to see the BBC is letting us comment on the really important stories again, by the way...............

  • Live subtitles: How smart technology could help deaf people

    07:36am on 07 Aug 2014

    Do the BBC realise there are "smart glasses" other than Google's?

  • Why has Google cast me into oblivion?

    11:21am on 03 Jul 2014

    Welcome to the Streisand effect.

    A well known and well documented phenomenon on the World Wide Web where any attempt to remove or censor information merely results in it being more widely known.

  • Android everywhere at Google I/O

    10:17am on 26 Jun 2014

    Tools like the Xamarin platform and Forms are advancing at quite a pace, enabling developers to build for the main mobile platforms (iOS, Android and Windows Phone) using a single shared codebase (90%+) in a single language (C#).

    Is is no longer a choice question of developing for iOs OR Android, you can develop for iOS AND Android).

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