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  • Most popular baby names Amelia and Oliver

    12:14pm on 15 Aug 2014

    So good of the BBC to allow us to comment issues of such world shattering importance.

  • Teenagers and the news game

    12:11pm on 15 Aug 2014

    People like to talk, discuss and argue about current affairs. These "new" methods of obtaining news give them give them the opportunity to do this.

    "Traditional" outlets like the BBC deliberately stifle discussion (why IS the BBC only enabling comments on the most bland and inane articles?), so is it any surprise that people are moving away from them?

  • JustPark and the sharing economy

    3:00pm on 08 Aug 2014

    Wow! Most of the spaces in my local area cost more than the local authority car parks, and aren't as conveniently located.

    Good for people wanting a safe place to park their shiny new Jag, etc, but not a lot of use for most people.

    Nice to see the BBC is letting us comment on the really important stories again, by the way...............

  • Live subtitles: How smart technology could help deaf people

    08:36am on 07 Aug 2014

    Do the BBC realise there are "smart glasses" other than Google's?

  • Why has Google cast me into oblivion?

    12:21pm on 03 Jul 2014

    Welcome to the Streisand effect.

    A well known and well documented phenomenon on the World Wide Web where any attempt to remove or censor information merely results in it being more widely known.

  • Android everywhere at Google I/O

    11:17am on 26 Jun 2014

    Tools like the Xamarin platform and Forms are advancing at quite a pace, enabling developers to build for the main mobile platforms (iOS, Android and Windows Phone) using a single shared codebase (90%+) in a single language (C#).

    Is is no longer a choice question of developing for iOs OR Android, you can develop for iOS AND Android).

  • BBC_iPlayer_Mobile_and_Tablet_Apps_updated

    1:00pm on 04 Jun 2014

    Chris Tangye:
    "However I also don’t believe the changes we have made are so radical that a user on Android or iOS would have to re-learn how to use the app."

    Actually the use paradigm is very different and, while not difficult to "lean", it is certainly a jarring change.

    Chris Tangye:
    "For example on Android we implemented horizontal scrolling instead of the native paging convention when navigating through the programme screens in landscape tablet. This added technical complexity but I think is a better experience for users."

    It isn't, in any way, a better experience. It is fiddly and error prone to use. You also use horizontal scrolling for several widgets when the device is in portrait orientation. This is just plain wrong!!! The limited horizontal space means only one or two items can be seen which makes the whole swipe paradigm a hindrance to finding the content you want to see.

  • New_BBC_iPlayer:_internal_testing_of_user_journeys

    12:46pm on 04 Jun 2014

    Absolutely loathe the "categories" section on the new mobile app. The old version was simple, clean, and worked:

    Journey:- Select "categories" from menu: Select "Factual", Select "Science and Nature": Select programme.

    The new version is slow, and awkward to use:

    Journey: Select "categories" from the menu, Its displaying "Arts", try swiping screen, nothing happens, eventually twig that only the top bar moves: Swipe, swipe, swipe, missed, swipe the other way, accidentally tap a programme, cancel, swipe, tap "Science and nature". BIG thumbnails, swipe down, swipe down, swipe down, find "View A-Z", tap. Finally see the view that the old version gave me in 4 steps!!!

    Journey? More like an epic expedition!!!

    Oh, and if you do the same on a tablet you don't even get the nice A-Z list, you get another horrible horizontal swipey bar right at the bottom of the page. Absolutely horrendous!!

  • Zeus - a triumph or a time to panic?

    3:17pm on 03 Jun 2014


    There are cat videos, too!!!

  • BBC_iPlayer_Mobile_and_Tablet_Apps_updated

    2:26pm on 29 May 2014

    One comment on the revamped iplayer (Android)

    You really need to be able to switch categories in the categories screen by swiping the whole screen, not just the categories bar at the top. The current method is unintuitive and fiddly.

  • New_BBC_iPlayer_for_TVs_out_of_preview

    3:22pm on 23 May 2014

    Hi Marcus.

    I am using a number of devices, all show performance issues with iPlayer. They are:-

    A Samsung SMT-S7800 Freesat+ STB
    A Samsung Galaxy Note 2
    A Google Nexus 7 (2012)
    A Nintendo Wii
    A Google Chromecast

    The worst performance is from the Freesat box, with the Chromecast a close second, though there are buffering issues on all of these devices at times. The most reliable is the Wii.

    I actually get better performance on the Note 2 connected via 3G, So I think it is something with the local network, which is a 10Mbps WiMax service connecting through a TP-Link TL-WDR3600 router. The router is running Gargoyle 1.6.1.

    Going to try adjusting the QOS settings of the router to see If I can improve things that way.

  • New_BBC_iPlayer_for_TVs_out_of_preview

    1:11pm on 22 May 2014

    Is there any particular reason why iPlayer streaming performance seems to have deteriorated? It now takes a while (30 seconds or more) to start and often pauses (buffering). This seems to affect the TV version most of all, but also afflicts the Android and Chromecast versions

    No such problems with Netflix, Lovefilm, Play Movies (Google) or Youtube, with Netflix, Play and Youtube all delivering HD content flawlessly.

  • Tech fitness products - how far will they run?

    1:25pm on 21 May 2014

    The £130 Fuelband is just another piece of overpriced techno-bling, merely something to be seen wearing.

    Something like the GPS enable Forerunner 10 is much cheaper (£80) and far more useful as it accurately tracks how far you have run and lets you compare your performance with previous runs.

  • Child maintenance: Parents 'must agree or face fee'

    12:13pm on 21 May 2014


    This is just a Government sanctioned licence to blackmail fathers.

  • EU backs 'right to be forgotten'

    12:32pm on 13 May 2014

    This is the sort of thing that UKIP conveniently forgets to mention when it is spurting its anti-Europe rhetoric. Sometimes the EU protects us when our own government fails in that duty.

    Remember Phorm? The company that was going to spy on all of your web activity by installing kit in BT exchanges? It was EU Commissioner Viviane Reding who killed that off when our Government refused to.

  • What does Apple want from Dr Dre?

    2:26pm on 09 May 2014


    one pusher of overpriced and overrated techno-bling buying another pusher of overpriced and overrated techno-bling.

    Made for each other,

  • BBC_iPlayer_video_downloads_now_available_for_all_recent_Android_devices

    3:51pm on 16 Apr 2014

    Downloads seems to work on any ICS + device I try it on. Good news.

    This suggests that the previous policy was political rather than technical (as was previously claimed on this blog).

    I seriously doubt it is "public demand" considering how long the public have been demanding this, in the full knowledge that the "authorised devices only" was (and has now been proven to be) an artificial constraint.

    Anyone from the BBC care to explain the real drivers for this change of policy?

  • Testing_BBC_iPlayer_on_Chromecast

    12:38pm on 11 Apr 2014

    Same thing happened again last night. No Chromecast icon in iPlayer, but fine in other apps. Rebooted the Chromecast and it (the icon) appeared.

    Not really willing to factory reset the Chromecast for a problem that is merely an irritation that can be worked around, and only affects one app.

    I am wondering if this is related to the required update to the Chromecast to work with iPlayer? I assume that as the other apps don't require this update, there is something specific in it to enable iPlayer? If this is the case then could it be this extra requirement that is the issue?

  • Testing_BBC_iPlayer_on_Chromecast

    2:14pm on 10 Apr 2014

    Hi David,

    Yes, I can watch iPlayer on the device. The problem is the "cast" icon does not appear until I reboot the Chromecast. Haven't tried live content (I have the TV the Chromecast is plugged into for that).

  • BBC_iPlayer_apps_on_Chromecast

    4:54pm on 08 Apr 2014

    @68 Chris Yanda.

    I have had to reboot the Chromecast a couple of times. The Chromecast Icon does not appear on iPlayer on any device (all Android) until it has been rebooted. Other castable apps do not appear to be affected.

  • Testing_BBC_iPlayer_on_Chromecast

    4:49pm on 08 Apr 2014

    I quite frequently come across the situation where I can "cast" from Netflix and YouTube, but not iPlayer. This occurs for all devices on out network (all Android, a 2012 Nexus 7, Note 2, Huawei Y300, Sony Experia U) at the same time.

    Opening the Chromecast app and rebooting the Chromecast dongle gets things working again. Perhaps this is the same issue others are having?

    Odd that it only affects iPlayer, though.

  • BBC_iPlayer_apps_on_Chromecast

    12:48pm on 28 Mar 2014

    There seems to be a problem with the iPlayer implementation of Chromecast. In order to use it I have to reboot the Chromecast before the Chromecast icon will appear. This occurs on both my Note 2 and Nexus 7. Netflix and YouTube do not exhibit this behaviour.

    Also, if you close the device screen while watching on the Chromecast, when you re-open iPlayer, there is a dialogue complaining about a lost connection with close and retry buttons. Neither do anything and the only recourse is to kill iPlayer and restart it.

  • Protecting children from pornography

    12:20pm on 28 Mar 2014

    It is the parents role to determine what their children can and cannot access online. There are plenty of tools out there (e.g the DynDNS service) which can be used to filter your child's access to the Internet.

    More "Big Brother" state interference is NOT wanted or required! Once they put in place blocks on "pirates" and porn it is a short step to blocking anything else they don't want us to see

  • Ballmer bounces into retirement

    9:19pm on 05 Mar 2014

    I don't know that Ballmer "destroyed" Microsoft, but he certainly made one bad decision after another, not merely leaving Microsoft playing catch-up in the mobile/tablet field, but being left squarely and, probably, permanently, as an also ran.

  • TV's changing? Not so fast.

    1:02pm on 17 Feb 2014

    @53 Global Yawning.

    You are incorrect. If you watch or record "live" sports (or "live" anything, for that matter) you are legally required to have a TV licence irrespective of how you obtain that live feed (off-air, Internet, etc). It is only legal to watch without a TV licence if your viewing begins AFTER the live programme has finished.

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