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  • Gearing up for the new F1 season

    6:43pm on 16 Mar 2012

    I'd really like to know what savings have been made with the BBC selling this years rights to Sky to get some half baked coverage for the next 10 years. If savings are to be made why is the whole team flying around the world if there is no BBC live coverage for 10 races.
    I bet the savings made are minuscule compared to the cost of The Voice nonsense that I've seen previewed every day.

  • Send me your questions about F1 2011

    09:18am on 31 Jul 2011

    You have to aske him about the BBC's betrayal of the fans by taking the full F1 season off FTA TV. Does he thinks it will damage British motorsport in general with the lack of public interest and lower sponsorship money. Will it affect the lower formulae.

  • New F1 deal explained

    3:49pm on 29 Jul 2011

    A quick bit of fag packet maths says that to watch all the F1 races in HD next year means that if you don't already have Sky it will cost an extra £43 per non BBC live race.
    In November when the BBC exclusivity ends I will be cancelling my Licence fee direct debit as it was the only thing I watched on the BBC. (I already have Sky)

  • Obama finds fitting words for Arizona tragedy

    08:55am on 13 Jan 2011

    Is Mark Mardell a real journalist or just Barry's UK spokesman?

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