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What spec PC is needed to stream HD ?

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  • Message 1. Posted by elderberry (U13512571) on , permalink

    Trying to watch iplayer on my PC gives a jerky response. I get 20Mb broadband, so that shouldn't be an issue, so I suspect my PC isn't powerful enough. What spec PC is needed to stream HD ?


  • Message 2. Posted by Fred (U14543309) on , permalink

    Your problem could be related to my post -

    Some time last year, the BBC had a problem streaming iPlayer HD and they eventually fixed it by a change to file (or header or something) format and HD streamed OK on my PC.

    Now though, the fault is back. It appears it was re-introduced late last year - no one seems to know why.

    I have a netbook (Samsung N220 with a broadcom HD decoder, Atom CPU) and this set up did at one stage work fine. It now doesn't once again. Its OK for standard def in iPlayer but not HD.

    Does your PC play YouTube HD OK? Or, whats the spec of your PC esp CPU and GPU?

    There is a BBC link speed test check here -

    There is this on the BBC - iplayerhelp.external... - which goes off to Adobe for their requirements. So I guess the BBC agree with them.


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  • Message 3. Posted by elderberry (U13512571) on , permalink

    3.0 GB RAM, 2.4 GHz processor, NVIDIA GeForce 7100/ nforce 63


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  • Message 4. Posted by Squirrel (U961634) on , permalink

    It's the requirements of Adobe Flash Player that really should matter, look here:


    It looks to me like you should be ok, but check carefully!

    While you are at it, check you have updated flash to the latest version (for each browser you use!) here:

    There was another update for Windows browsers recently.


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  • Message 5. Posted by Fred (U14543309) on , permalink

    I would have thought that should be just good enough.

    Can you play this in 720p -

    Does it play OK? If so, then I think you are suffering the apparent lack of BBC H/W acceleration as I (and others) have seen.

    Does your iPlayer play HD better in full screen or in a window? My old PC is best full screen.

    You could try right-clicking the video as its playing, go to settings and in the first Flash tab either tick or un-tick 'Enable Hardware Acceleration'. You then need to exit your browser and restart it to see if that helps. If all is working well and as it used to be 'Enabled' should be best.

    On my old desktop PC (3.4Ghz P4 HT (single core), 768M ram and an NV6610xl GPU), iPlayer is just about basically watchable in HD, but it isn't smooth. I would have thought yours should be better (assume its a modern dual core CPU and not an old P4 like mine).

    I think the problem is the retrograde change the BBC appear to have made to their file formats, though why, they don't seem to want to say.


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