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  • Message 1. Posted by Jon iPlayer Host (U8557168) on Thursday, 11th December 2008 permalink

    BBC iPlayer has been around in various forms for some time, but it's only since last December that it's been around in the format that is now widely recognised and rightly won several awards.

    As well looking after this forum, along with other members of the team, including Nick on the blogs and the Editorial monitoring team, I also look after the help site. The fact that I am now in the process of completely reviewing and rewriting the content after just a year is a tribute to the amount of work that's been put in by the team to change and improve it. In 'real money' (ie, print outs), there's about two inches of help pages out there that I'm reviewing, and we're looking at other ways of giving you more help, including the possibility of video tutorials. So bear with us while we update the help site, as things change so quickly we need time to check and make sure what we're giving you is accurate.

    Why iPlayer Day? Several reasons. One is that I studied archaeology and anthropology, so I have a thing for ceremonies and documenting and storing what people like to do. Also, as I work with the help team at Belfast, who have been doing a great job of directly answering your queries, and monitor these boards and the help page feedback, I'm aware of a feeling that there's no humans at the end of the line, that the smooth iPlayer technology is operated by machines. We are here, and this day should show the human side, not just of iPlayer, but you the users too. Finally, it is in response to queries on the messageboard, and the poster formerly known as Egg on a Stilt who posted this back in October

    As a user of iPlayer, how about a tour round, for me and a few regulars here. Show us what it's all about, hell even make a TV programme about it, there seems to be a "how is it done" show just about everything else.

    We can't offer a tour round, but I think that what we're offering on BBC iPlayer day will serve as appropriate to iPlayer as possible a virtual, online tour that you can catch up with at leisure from your computer.

    So on December 12th, post on this group, head to the BBC Internet Blog the Flickr group and on Twitter by tagging your posts #iplayerday

    We aim to get updates from the team and users throughout the day.

    We all hope that this proves to be worthwhile and goes some way to showing you what goes on here at the Media Village.


  • Message 2. Posted by EggOnAStilt (U7111730) on Thursday, 11th December 2008 permalink

    and on Twitter

    What's Twitter? I don't seem to recall this service, if it is indeed one.


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  • Message 3. Posted by KernowChris (U5687114) on Thursday, 11th December 2008 permalink

    Hopefully a result of this exercise will be a much more effective support system and more frequent and detailed responses to threads in this messageboard.


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  • Message 4. Posted by BBC auto-messages (U8526101) on Monday, 22nd December 2008 permalink

    Editorial Note: This conversation has been moved from 'iPlayer Day' to 'Archive'.

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