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  • Message 1. Posted by tallgames (U10092472) on , permalink

    I know the Nokia C3 doesnt have flash support but why isn't there are non flash version for mobiles? I would like to watch BBC iplayer on my device.
    ( I used my C3 to write this ).


  • Message 2. Posted by Eponymous Cowherd (U13748135) on , permalink

    I, too, would like to watch iPlayer on my device and, indeed, I used to be able to until the BBC killed off the excellent BeebPlayer and MyPlayer Android applications and replaced them with their (IMHO) inferior Flash based application.

    I'm afraid you are probably going to have to accept that there will never be an iPlayer client for your device. The BBC's logic with regard to providing iPlayer clients appears to be:

    They have to run Flash


    They are manufactured by Apple.

    And, should any innovative individual create a 3rd party iPlayer client for your device, the BBC is very likely to use your licence money to pay some lawyers to kill it off.


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