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  • Message 1. Posted by Matt Sephton (U1212465) on Wednesday, 18th November 2009 permalink

    Didn't seem to be a Wii topic so I thought I'd start one.

    I thought it is a big improvment over the web version.

    But the sound seems to still be bad (mono?) and the video is still not as good as I've seen elsewhere. Better than Freeview though, I I had to say.

    Watched a bit if the James May thing, which was good. Error trying to watch the Alan Carr thing. Crashed accessig settings and I had to restart.

    Also, you can't use +/- to scroll through pages like you can in everything else. Which is annoying and not particularly accessible.

    Still, great work.


  • Message 2. Posted by John99 (U13871221) on Wednesday, 18th November 2009 permalink

    Hi Matt
    Some other Wii threads you may be interested in looking at:
    long complaint about upgrade problem
    two about new service
    one from bbc



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  • Message 3. Posted by ian (U14222600) on Wednesday, 18th November 2009 permalink

    i think posted in the wrong part, so ill post here too

    anyway bbci player great as always but the ONLY big problem is
    you cant enter any numbers in the search box.
    when u click "1-9" box for literily puts 1-9 in the search box. there is no option for 1,2,3,4,5 and so on. so its impossable to search for things like "F1 grand prix" apart from that its great

    sorry if i posted my last message in the wrong section?

    will there be updated to the wii channel in the future?

    good work bbc,


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