List of podcasts badly out of date.

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  • Message 1. Posted by alanparker (U1262502) on Tuesday, 14th December 2010 permalink

    On the blog it says that the opml feed at contains a complete list of podcasts.
    The post re-assures me that the feed is up to date and complete and "lists all of the RSS feeds available".

    It warns me about one of the dates being wrong, but not to worry.
    I can see that the feed was generated today. Should be accurate, right?

    Having spent a LONG night writing an application based on this, I now find it's badly out of date. Nothing shown for BBC 7, 5 Live etc, when on their own pages it shows loads. 5 Live Sports Extra has no podcasts in the OPML, but there are 20 on 5 live's Podcast page, for example.

    I've dropped Alan Ogilvie whose name is in the feed an email first thing this morning, but I'm informed by someone who tried a similar thing that emails to the BBC have a habit of going into a black hole.

    So, what now? I REALLY don't want to have to go down the route of learning how to screenscrape...xpath looks like a nightmare.

    But as this feed is advertised as the comprehensive radio podcast feed, might this also explain why various types of standalone internet radio also fail to update?


  • Message 2. Posted by John99 (U13871221) on Wednesday, 15th December 2010 permalink

    Hi Alan,

    You are referring to an old blog, and things could have changed

    The RadioLabs blogs have of course been shut down, But Alan Ogilvie, does sometimes post and reply on this Radio section of the iPlayer messageboard.
    HOWEVER I am fairly certain I recollect Alan O. saying podcasts were not something within his remit.

    Alan O. is always helpful, if you do manage to contact him, although I suppose he often can not reply to all emails he gets.

    No doubt you are aware the podcasts and the Windows play again streams are entirely separate containing different sets of material.

    Also I think I may be correct in saying in some instances the BBC is now displaying podcast material as alternative FlashPlayer streams. This is digressing from your original question, but giving some examples of what as a UK user I see.

    + Podcasts (in this instance In Our Time [IOT] )
    link -
    I think at one time this would have listed all programmes as available as podcasts, now it only lists 12 recent programmes

    + Archived Streams (again IOT )
    link -
    You will not from this page it is posible to link to other pages with programmes going back to at least 2004

    Another thread about IOT is
    "why do I need realmedia to listen to 'in our time'?" -
    Which despite the title does include mention of podcasts, and other related threads.

    Back on to your subject of feeds, have you looked for information on the Beebotron Site. that may actually provide what you are looking for.


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  • Message 3. Posted by John99 (U13871221) on Wednesday, 15th December 2010 permalink

    There was a blog about the podcasts, with comments about the outdated OPML files:
    "Podcasts available for longer
    Mark Friend | 14:00 PM, Thursday, 4 November 2010 "

    Oddly that blog has been closed for comments, most blogs stay open for 3 months. You could try asking on the Round Up blog,
    it may even have been closed inadvertantly,
    or ask on the latest of the Radio Blogs.



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  • Message 4. Posted by Alan Ogilvie (U11945512) on Wednesday, 15th December 2010 permalink

    Yes - I received your message. (though you are right about 'black holes')

    It's frustrating because this file appeared:

    Which is not the correct file. It's confused many people, and I've been trying to find out who did it.

    The correct (gulp) one should be here:

    Though there was a migration period which has been hitting

    I understand the migration is complete and, the last time I looked, there is a task for the engineers to complete the changes. (and Five Live will return to the list - yay!)

    I will go and check on the status of all this.



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  • Message 5. Posted by alanparker (U1262502) on Thursday, 16th December 2010 permalink

    Hi Alan,

    Now I'm even more confused! I found a later blog which pointed towards the v2 file, so then I started using that.
    Are you saying that the original file which was superseded by v2 has now superseded itself? Also, I noticed that it's not just radio5, bbc7 is missing the three podcasts it has, from all the feeds.

    It might be an idea to put in server side redirects, so that all the "wrong" ones redirect to whichever should be the right one.

    Now, when you say "a task for the engineers to complete the changes", so you mean "add the missing radio 5 and bbc7 podcasts"?

    Because, um... how can I put this... I know virtually nothing about programming, but I just learnt and wrote a yql script in half a day to pull off the list of radio 5 podcasts. Not using it "for real" yet, as it hits your server 40 times more (twice for each of the 20 podcasts), but it just iterates through the page, "clicks" through to the podcast, grabs the podcast name and url and puts it in an array then adds it to the main feed.

    Surely this isn't what requires "engineerS" is it?

    Anyway, it WOULD be really good to have that podcast up to date, and thanks for coming and answering smiley - smiley


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