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  • Message 21. Posted by clyde13 (U14455641) on Saturday, 8th May 2010 permalink

    ok thanks for the tip- learing as I go-

    Any ideas how to solve the problem- I see someone yesterday you where on line with had the same problem as i am having. Was there a solution found- I could not see a reply after asking about using a different browser and what system was being used? Did I miss it?

    Suggestions welcome- is this a recurring problem on System 7 / IE 8 I have used Iplayer loads before on XP and system IE 7- no problems at all.


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  • Message 22. Posted by matt (U8621220) on Saturday, 8th May 2010 permalink

    There hasn't been another reply from the user yet. Often users tend not to come back once they've sorted a problem. They don't tell us that they've sorted it or how so we never know.

    As that post is only a day old though, the user might come back to let us know what's happening.

    You mention the bit about trying a different browser but you don't say if you've tried that. Have you?


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