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    Posted by GoddessGaia (U7104842) on Wednesday, 18th April 2007

    I have been directed to this board by a kind person from War & Conflicts.He has given me some info on an old photograph left by my Grandmother.
    On the back is X1 Corps Gas school Italy.The picture is of 6 sgts all in uniform.I had no idea what it was all about.It has been explained about 'gas training' taking place in Italy.
    Wondered if any one would have any idea would this have been in WW1 or WW2 ? The photo does look quite old.I presume one of the sgt's is a family member and if I knew when it was taken then maybe in time could narrow it down to who it may be.
    Thanks for any help.

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    Posted by Palaisglide (U3102587) on Wednesday, 18th April 2007

    I will contact two of my friends who were in Italy and tell them about this query. The X1 Corps my be the clue.

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    Posted by GoddessGaia (U7104842) on Wednesday, 18th April 2007

    Thank you Frank.

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    Posted by Trooper Tom Canning - WW2 Site Helper (U519668) on Wednesday, 18th April 2007

    Dear Goddess -
    This sounds as if it belongs to the 1914-18 war inasmuch as the British 11th Corps in WW2 were of the Home Forces which never left the U.K.
    The clue would be in the type of uniform worn, and hats particularly as they were of the peaked cap variety whereas the WW2 uniforms were accompanied by - mainly - a forage cap - berets apart from the Tank Corps, did not become established until the latter stages of that war.
    My Father having been wounded three times in France and at Gallipoli, and as such earned a home posting and became a Gas Training Sgt. Instructer as Gas warfare was not unusual in that War.
    I have no record of Gas being used in WW2 although an American Ship,carrying mustard gas - just in case - in Bari(Italy) Harbour in December 1943,was bombed - crashed into an Ammunition ship and the resulting explosion killed many hundreds of people.
    Good luck.

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    Posted by MB (U177470) on Wednesday, 18th April 2007

    Perhaps significantly the site below has this for XI Corps


    Infantry Corps History
    XI Formed in France August 1915. Moved to Italy November 1917, and back to France March 1918.


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    Posted by GoddessGaia (U7104842) on Wednesday, 18th April 2007

    Thank you everyone for your help.I am so pleased I asked.You are all very knowledgeable.I now believe the photo is of WWW1.The sgt's are wearing softish tops peaked caps.The photo looks too old I think to be WW2.I now can focus on any relatives at this time who were in the army.

    May I be so bold as to pick your brains again ?
    I have a group photo that includes my Grandfather.There are 11 soldiers sitting around a table with a board that says 'C' Echelon Mess.
    There are 3 women in photo also.This was WW1.

    Have you heard of Echelon at all ?
    Do you expect the women to be relations ? Were women involved in any way with the army at this time ? e g . admin.

    Thank you again.

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    Posted by Trooper Tom Canning - WW2 Site Helper (U519668) on Wednesday, 18th April 2007

    Dear Goddess -
    the C echelon must have become - "Admin" in ww2 as the echelons were only "A" and "B" which were wheeled vehicle transport units of a regiment to bring supplies - Ammunition - Water - Food etc - note the food always seemed to come last !
    The invariably did a great job in many adverse situations by always "being there".
    Many women - in both wars were employed as administrators but usually in far off H.Q's... this is now changing - witness the female sailor recently captured by Iran - of which I shall make no comment !
    Incidently - picking my brain only takes a minute !

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    Posted by Palaisglide (U3102587) on Wednesday, 18th April 2007

    You may already know echelon was mainly used in the first world war to mean behind or to one side.
    This would mean supply or back up troops, command HQ's and even reserves.
    With women in the picture it is more likely to be well behind the lines so maybe supply or servicing troops.
    To anyone who has never been in the forces it is perplexing.
    Just keep asking questions there will always be someone who knows.
    Unlike Tom it will take two minutes to pick my brain, more bone and grisle up there.

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    Posted by GoddessGaia (U7104842) on Thursday, 19th April 2007

    Thank you all again for your help ! The saying'every picture tells a story' is right.I have learnt so much about these 2 photographs because of the asking.It is sad when we have old family photo's and we have no idea 'who why & when'.I have found it very interesting finding out this information as I am doing my family tree.
    I know where to come when I get to my dad who was in the RAF !!!!!

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    Posted by MB (U177470) on Thursday, 19th April 2007

    I would find somewhere you can post the picture, often someone knowledgeable might spot minor details in a picture that can give useful clues.

    I have used the BritRegiments group on Yahoo but there are other places that can be used.


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    Posted by GoddessGaia (U7104842) on Thursday, 19th April 2007

    A good idea ! I will see if I can source somewhere,you never know some-one may recognise their relative from WW1.That site you gave me is interesting too ,had a quick look and need to go back when I have more time for a good read.
    You are a clever lot !!

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    Posted by boabbie (U6156662) on Tuesday, 14th August 2007

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