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    Posted by Wren_Foreman (U4712869) on Thursday, 29th June 2006

    Hi all,

    I've really enjoyed reading the Royal Navy stories (especially from the Wrens) so I thought by chance I would post this incase anyone is interested and finds it useful :

    We are in a WWII Royal Navy reenactment group based in Chatham Dockyard, Kent. 'The Grey Funnel' line is made up of a group of enthusiasts for the navy and its traditions and in keeping with so many other re-enactment groups attempt to uphold the memory of all of those men and women who served during the wars of the last century.

    If anyone likes the WWII era as much as us, especially the Navy, please email me back if you would like more information. Or have a peek at our website!



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    Posted by Grumpyfred (U2228930) on Sunday, 2nd July 2006

    I will pick your brains on this. I am writing a saga, and in it one of the girls joins the WRENs. I have her doing her basic training in Chatham in 1939, because I was told that WRENs did. So if so, what was the name of the Stone Figate they did their training. Also, where would she go for officer training 1939/40 Any help will keep the story on line.

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    Posted by MB (U177470) on Sunday, 2nd July 2006


    Don't know if it will help you but there is a good book written by a WREN who trained as a Visual Signaller and spent most of the war in Oban. She describes her training but can't remember where.

    Wren's Eye View: The Adventures of a Visual Signaller (Into Battle S.) (Hardcover)
    by Stephanie Batstone
    # Publisher: Parapress (25 May 1994)
    # ISBN: 1898594120



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    Posted by Wren_Foreman (U4712869) on Sunday, 2nd July 2006

    Hello Fred,

    I'm ashamed to say I'm not sure about the name of the 'stone frigate' off hand - they were sometimes just called Royal Marine Barracks. I'll see if I can find out as I'm at the dockyard this Sunday.
    As for Officer training, this would almost definately be at the Royal Naval College, Greenwich for the WRNS Officer's training course which lasted two weeks. They opened the course on 30th October 1939.

    If the wren was a rating, the first service training began in January 1940 at King's College of Household and Social Science, Campden Hill, London.

    Hope that helps for now, let me know if you want to know anything else!


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    Posted by Grumpyfred (U2228930) on Sunday, 2nd July 2006

    Thanks for that info from both posts. I am going to post Janet Shaw to Dover just before Dunkirk. I also have one young officer (Male) serving on a Merchant Cruiser, and two others on a Armed Trawler and a Flower Class. I thought I would stay away from the well written war stories and bring in the forgotten heros. My RAF pilot is flying Defiants.


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    Posted by Wren_Foreman (U4712869) on Sunday, 2nd July 2006

    Sounds really good! You'll have to post it on here when its done!!!


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    Posted by Grumpyfred (U2228930) on Sunday, 2nd July 2006

    May do that. The story starts in 1910, and has reached 1940. I have one young woman flying with the AiR Transport Command. I juggled the dates as I had her trying to get home from Canada so she flew some of the first Lockheed Hudsons over. Good fun.

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    Posted by Grumpyfred (U2228930) on Wednesday, 5th July 2006

    Time to pick brains. What would the duties of a freshly promoted Third Officer newly appointed to Dover before during and after Dunkirk be. Third Officer Shaw has just arrived on her first posting with one nice shiny new stripe. Within the next few days, Germany will invade Norway.

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    Posted by boabbie (U6156662) on Tuesday, 14th August 2007

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