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Anyone remember Deolali Transit Camp and hospital 2nd World War

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    Posted by constancewinifred (U1936443) on Friday, 10th March 2006

    Mum and Dad were stationed in Deolali. They married at the Garrision Church, and I was born at the end of the War. Mum was in the QA's, a nursing Sister and my Dad was in the TA's a medic in the path.lab. Many stories have been told. Anyone else remember?

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    Posted by regularlevitsky (U1121906) on Friday, 14th April 2006

    In spring,1947, I was in transit in Deolali, prior to sailing home on SS Otranto with other time-expired squaddies;I had a pal who had been a prison officer in N.Ireland, and a glass-house sergeant who had been in the IRA. Neither knew the other`s history until we had managed a few pints in the punishment camp`s guardroom.
    Lots of laughs and plenty of fun. Les Bell in Formby, Merseyside.

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    Posted by constancewinifred (U1936443) on Thursday, 20th April 2006

    I was 5 months old when my parents left India and arrived home on 13th March 1946. My mother was a nursing sister in the QA's and my father a medic in the TA's. They met and married whilst serving in Deolali and I was born there. I have heard many stories from them. Sadly Dad died last year but Mum is still going strong at 86 and her memory is still very clear about India. I believe that Dad had to swim from Burma to escape from the Japs. Incidently, we sailed home on the SS Orontes. I have a silver serviette ring as a momento and only one or two photos of my mother and her nursing friends and one of me with her, as a baby, on the steps of our bungalow. We had quite a few servants, and I had an Ayah (nanny) I think that is how it is spelt. I would love to hear more from you if it is possible.

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    Posted by sgtbeal (U533602) on Thursday, 20th April 2006

    Hello Constancewininfred.

    I served in India from 1945 to 1948 in firstly the Royal Artillery and then later in the Royal Signals.

    How well I remember Deolali, it was my first taste of India after arriving at Bombay on the three week journey from England. Our voyage was on the ss Georgic.

    It was a tented camp, the tents were scattered in a large area just outside Deolali. At the time there was a outbreak of Blackwater fever in the town and nobody was allowed in or out of the area for a few weeks. Food and water was left for the townsfolk to collect on the outskirts to prevent the decease spreading.

    As a newcomer to India I was fascinated by it all. We only stayed for a few weeks, as it was a transit camp.

    From there I went to Visapur where I joined the 2nd Indian Division The 10th Field Regiment Royal Artillery.

    After lots of activity in India for the next few years, I returned to Deolali for my journey to Bombay and then back home to Wales, on the ss.Franconia.

    By this time I had attained the rank of sergeant in the Royal Signals, and was on duty as the guard commander in the railway sidings of Deolali. Quite an experience!!

    We were some of the last to leave India after the partition in August 1947.

    Ex. Sgt.Beal (80)

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    Posted by constancewinifred (U1936443) on Saturday, 6th May 2006

    Hello Sgt. Beal. Wonderful to hear from you. I am going to pass this on to my mum, who is in fact Constance Winifred! She nursed cases of most tropical diseases bless her! Typhoid, diptheria, cholera etc. She was only one of a few English nursing sisters. We lived, I believe, in army quarters, a bungalow, after my parents married. What difficult times there must have been for my mum, not only as a nurse, but as a mum with a tiny baby. Also, I believe it was pretty awful for the soldiers. Lovely to hear from you. Please write again. I wonder how we can actually exchange addresses or phone numbers. Is that allowed I wonder.

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    Posted by DocPriest (U3940379) on Tuesday, 9th May 2006

    Deolali? What memories!1943..Invalided to Deolali Hospital, possibly nursed by constancewinifred.Deolali was next to Garrison Theatre, though I did not ever visit it because too ill to leave my bed.There were many deaths and I was glad to leave it for Poona Hospital. Whilst I was at Deolali, I witnessed the arrival of American Troops into the adjoining transit camp.After Poona went to Durban South Africa and then to Johannesburg until regained health in 1945 at Baragwanath BMH 130..I can still see Deolali and the Sisters who nursed us.Good to hear that constance winifred is still with us!God Bless.

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    Posted by constancewinifred (U1936443) on Wednesday, 10th May 2006

    That is amazing. Mum was a nursing sister in the Q.A's. A lieutenant. Her maiden name was Mitchell (known as Mitch.) and she married my father Frank Rogers, who was a medic in the RAMC. He worked in the path. lab. They were married at the Garrison church, Deolali in September 1944 and I was born in October 1945. She will be delighted to hear from you and I will print off your letter for her. Many stories of cholera outbreaks, mylaria (my dad suffered) and also good stories. Did you know that the BBC series 'It ain't alf hot mum' was based on the Deolali concert party, and some of the scenery was actually taken from photos of where mum lived.
    our e-mail is bill.pauline@tiscali.co.uk

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    Posted by boabbie (U6156662) on Tuesday, 14th August 2007

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