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palastine police

Hi has anyone any ideas on how i can do some research on the ...


frankie-b_ Jul 1, 2007

James Quirey WW2 Sailor from ...

I was just wondering if anyone knew my great-grandfather and ...


Rachel Jun 30, 2007

Durham Light Infantry 1940-45

I am interested in where some of the Durham light infantry were ...


boabbie Jun 29, 2007

London Bombings of World War II?

I am an American miltary veteran of the Vietnam era. However, my ...


jchmcl09 Jun 29, 2007

Camp Lempesari

Anyone else a prisoner there. My mother and grandmother were. I'm ...


VirginiaJewe l Jun 28, 2007

my grandfather at dunkirk

my grandfather i believe recieved an OBE for his part in helping ...


john leask Jun 26, 2007

A piece of wood from HMS ...

Hello there,Does anybody know anything about this piece that I ...


Meg4929 Jun 26, 2007

message for tom canning

Hi TomJust a quick note to let you know I am still on the case.i'm ...


carass50 Jun 26, 2007

i need help!!!!!

could someone please help me with this.if im not having much luck ...


john leask Jun 25, 2007

bevin boy

I am searching for a Bevin Boy.all I know is that his name is Peter ...


samsmam Jun 25, 2007

Who knew my father?

My father was Gojko Dokic and he was a Serb-Croat who fled to the ...


evybaby Jun 24, 2007

Kent in WW2

Hey guys, I need help on my History project, we have to do ...


PKBlaze Jun 23, 2007

Do you remember Anthony James ...

Did anybody know Anthony James Brogan (Antonio) who was lost on ...


augustaleigh Jun 23, 2007

The feeling of being evacutated

HiyaAt school I'm doing world war 2.Evacution is really making ...


U8599486 Jun 21, 2007

Looking for help with a WW2 ...

Hello all!I'm currently doing 4units of English in my last ...


candypants_x Jun 21, 2007

yorkshire help needed

Hi I am trying to trace my gggrandfathers adult life and ...


carass50 Jun 21, 2007


This post has been removed.


john leask Jun 21, 2007

WWII posters

I'm a student doing an essay on second world war posters, I was ...


fayvw4 Jun 21, 2007

New funcationality

Hello All,<BR /><BR /><BR />The Central Communities Team have ...


Andrew Host Jun 18, 2007

Dunkirk medal

I know the Dunkirk medal was given by a greatful public, but what ...


boabbie Jun 18, 2007

The Blitz

It must of been a horrible timeGoing in shelters when you ...


U8599486 Jun 17, 2007


My dad collects world war two uninforms and battledresses.When ...


U8599486 Jun 17, 2007


Hi,Can anyopne tell me if WW2 war medals were inscribed with the ...


MrGrinch-Cha mpion of ... Jun 15, 2007

WW2 Royal Engineers in Edinburgh

I am interested in Mortonhall camp in Edinburgh.It was an engineer ...


boabbie Jun 15, 2007

ww11 medals

hi, hope this question hasnt been asked before, have had a look ...


jjjannybaby Jun 14, 2007

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