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    Posted by Stepney Boy (U1760040) on Wednesday, 21st December 2011

    Hi Guys,

    Well there we have it, closure of an excellent service which involved the Licence paying public which encourged the exchange of information and ideas between people with a common interest.

    Still so long as the manager's services are maintained.

    For one last time a very Merry Chrisitmas and a Happy New Year to all us who have helped others and been helped by otherswith their family tree


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    Posted by clematised (U3233879) on Wednesday, 21st December 2011

    Well said spike we all agree but we knew it was coming and soon all the BBC boards will be just a memory.
    Have a good christmas and a great 2012 and if you feel like making contact again in the new places we can be contacted on rootschat for an invitation.

    Good Luck


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    Posted by jc (U1902680) on Wednesday, 21st December 2011

    Hi Spike,

    So glad you managed to pop in before the site shuts its doors smiley - sadface You will be missed, along with the others who have helped along the way. Shame the BBC have decided to retract and lose this important media coverage which sits alongside its history programs so very well and for no extra or little cost. Oh well, hope whoever made the decision enjoys their fat bonus for saving the corp some money...

    Take care Spike and have one last smiley - ale or smiley - ale smiley - ale with us before you go.


    I'm still jc26red over on rootschat if you want to stay in contact. We have set up a small group over on No passing trade but a way for the regulars who have become firm friends over the years to stay in touch. You are more than welcome to join us if you like. Just send a pm to me if you would like an invite.

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