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1901 Census Look up please?

Could someone with access to the 1901 English Census please look ...


Chelle54 Aug 13, 2005

Help with Gedcom

I have found two branches of extended family on the web and ...


Madmax Aug 13, 2005

1851 westminster look up

I have been searching for the Slade family,I now have an ...


busybeaver Aug 13, 2005

Bacon Loft "Prince of Wales ...

This pub was pulled down in 1922 I think but my great-great ...


jemimapuddle duck Aug 12, 2005

I,v reached a dead end

Hello,I hope one of you lovely people can help me.I,m trying to ...


spotnick2 Aug 12, 2005

The name and it's origin?

Anyone know anything about the name "fidgeon". It is my family ...


colour_pink Aug 12, 2005

1891/1901 Census Lookup

While looking for a birth registration for another person ...


Chelle54 Aug 11, 2005

missing Slade family

Can anyone help in findin John and Charlotte Slade. Have found them ...


busybeaver Aug 10, 2005

Help in Scotland please

Could someone help me with the following:Liberton Midlothian ...


halcroves Aug 9, 2005

Michell / Faiers family?

I have reached a deadend with a female family member, one ...


Doclexibloom Aug 8, 2005

Charles Edward Cannon - 1901 ...

Could someone please look up the following name for me on the ...


Chelle54 Aug 7, 2005

Looking for a lost familymember

Hi all,I am desperately looking for a female family member who ...


Fay230 Aug 4, 2005

Kick start on my research Please

Can a kind person check the 1901 Census for me. I am looking for ...


Madmax Aug 4, 2005

Re: Note in margin

Hi folks!I've phoned the GRO (who were extremely helpful) and ...


gnatalee Aug 4, 2005

shot in the dark

Trying to trace my grandmother Elizabeth Arlette Jones. All ...


twinklesnowm an Aug 4, 2005


HI, i use Legacy 5 (free with one of the mags/Gedcom came with ...


Madmax Aug 3, 2005

1901 Census Look up please?

Could someone with access to the 1901 English Census please look ...


Chelle54 Aug 3, 2005

1891 census look up please

I am trying to find my wife`s grandfather in the 1901 census ...


mitzy Aug 2, 2005

1871 census lookup - Horton

Could someone with access to the 1871 census look up William ...


velleson Aug 1, 2005

1891 Census Look up please?

Could someone with access to the 1891 English Census please look ...


Chelle54 Jul 30, 2005


I am trying to locate anyone who is related to a HARRIET FLORENCE ...


bolton35 Jul 30, 2005

1851 census

Thanks to everyone who replied. Having reviewed all the options, ...


jkavanagh Jul 29, 2005

Legal restrictions and ...

We do understand that BBC messageboard users will want to ...


Lisa Jul 29, 2005

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