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    , in reply to message 6.

    Posted by Arnald Amalric (U14983291) on Saturday, 17th December 2011

    Aaaaaaaaaaah, thank you Caro, I got a mention and only on message 6!

    Buckskins/Matt was a most irritating yet thought provoking poster. Dark Light I always read.

    Tas and John Hes were always thought provoking (and indeed are).

    Jozef was my first baptism into the boards, I don't know if he is still around but I still bear the scars of my debates with him.

    My fondest memory however has to be an almost endless debate with John the Yank? who insisted that the cause of the American Civil War / War Between the States / War of Northern Aggression was slavery. I was ready to admit defeat when he agreed with me that it wasn't!

    I probably wore him down with facts.

    Nordmann is of course a class act, Elistan took me down a path of history that I never thought I'd go.

    Plancenoit took me into an area of silliness that was bizzaire at best.

    Ironaxe altered my view of modern youth when he admitted he had only recently got a 2:1 in History and thanked me amongst others for my help!

    As I responded, if he hadn't have come to this board and quoted it he could have had a First!

    Oh and Caro, the one who reminded us all that we should be polite and respect each other.

    Oh, I'm getting quite teary.

    AA. (Duncan).

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    , in reply to message 51.

    Posted by Arnald Amalric (U14983291) on Saturday, 17th December 2011

    Tim of Aclea, who took me into Anglo Norman relationships, Anglo-Norman, who answered him.

    Paul Ryckier who was so polite in his questions that when he agreed that Simon de Montforte wasn't a greedy grand grabbing son of a you know what (which he was but) he had the papal paper.

    BTTDP, a poster who combined a love of history with a devil me care attidude.

    Oh and Gareth.


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    , in reply to message 49.

    Posted by Herewordless (U14549396) on Saturday, 17th December 2011

    ID, here are a couple more of Brewster's posts (2005-6) that I found. I never debated with the guy, but Huscarl's comment in one link sums up my first impressions.


    Here he (Eric the Historian) seems to be venting his frustration that you guys didn't believe him;-

    "I was given a pretty tough time on the BBC History Hub Message board and these people on there always demanded proof so I tried to give them the same as I am now putting out for all of you, but it is frustrating for me when they but up information like which I read then dismissing me as a mere Beer Maker" 
    Poor guy- he got savaged in one thread by Huscarl, Buckskinz and nordmann! Lol Even Andrew Host warned Eric "it might be worthwhile demonstrating an interest in subjects beyond theories regarding your geneaology. "

    And anyone wants to get in touch with him, lol?

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    , in reply to message 36.

    Posted by Minette Minor (U14272111) on Saturday, 17th December 2011

    Gosh this is so nice....It has been fun!
    I have come to think that people who love History, love people and gossip and war and romantic things and back to people! It's gossiping about important things and gets things into perspective. I've always loved it to being a bore at a young age "tell me about the olden day.Now!" I can never understand how people on "Who do you think you are"? Never know who their grannies were! I was a nosey pest. You have to like people to love History.

    Thomas! You noticed I've been hounded! I thought sometimes it was paranoia! I've almost want to cry sometimes but it was probably my fault - although I do attract old people like a magnate and drunks and lunatics. My daughters tell me I look inoffensive! But to do it here too?! It is me perhaps; once psychometrically tested, my enthusiasm part went whizzing off the scale. My husband said he couldn't employ me!

    But like you SST I came here at a bad time when I wanted structure. I am so happy that Richard III helped, although I don't think Andrew S. would think my input helped him! But there have been so many very really nice intelligent people to "fight" with! When all which was wanted workwise was agreement! A valve to let off steam in an orderly manner. Nothing one has experienced has NOT been done before! It's oddly weird yet comforting AND I've known IF you don't get your facts rights someone will shoot you down in flames! History IS a factual subject in essence.

    But then comes the "I don't care" part. It' s great! You tune in, don't care about letters after your name, or what people think (unless accused of being unkind!) and end up under an incredibly dishy chiropractor discussing the ins and outs of "Eutopia" knowing you talk too much but he does too! "What are you doing"? "Sorting out your pelvic girdle but when you can breathe we'll go back to the de la Poles"! Odd? Perhaps, but who cares! I don't. Let us all be eccentric together!
    AND Christmas is a good time to think about it too. You HAVE to get in touch with people! And people you thought hated you not only return your card but ring and ask, "Where the Hell have you been"? In a haha way. You think no one takes you seriously and then get chased for the manuscript! This week I've discovered I'm "related" to Honeysuckle Weeks (I've always loved "Foyle's War") and a I'm a "saleable commidity"/History wise. Because I'm mad/eccentric!

    My point is, never give up. I've often thought I'm potty, lost and stupid but History has the answers. There really is nothing "new" and we can do so much - ask a Banker or politician about Keynsian economics/"The New Deal" v. "We are ALL in this together"!Recession. Like Hell! Two economic downturns, history/ifinancial disasters due to lack of Historical knowledge...

    Too long I fear, Jane Austen apologized for a long letter, she didn't have time for a brief one. Let us not forget John Heseltine and lovely to hear from you again Tim of Achleah and I'd forgotten how funny you could be T.P.. I too think of Henry Twdwr(!) "gamboling" at Bosworth. Personally I believe he was given something for bowel movements after Richard nearly got him. And so off with me. May I ask one question? Is it possible to exchange E Mail adressses with people and if so how? I've done it in the past but can't quite remember how!

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  • Message 55

    , in reply to message 54.

    Posted by Arnald Amalric (U14983291) on Sunday, 18th December 2011

    Minette Minor,

    Your posts have always interested me as a rambling stream.

    Drunk and lunatic I may be, but I don't feel that old.

    Minette, all the best.

    AA, your favourite papal legate.

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  • Message 56

    , in reply to message 54.

    Posted by PaulRyckier (U1753522) on Sunday, 18th December 2011


    Read your post to the very end. It's quite a time that we are together on these boards.

    Have a lot of "reminiscence" about your person. You don't believe it but I still remember the evening when you stood in your own blood and you said it on the boards. I recall that I said to lol beeble that evening: hear, hear, what she said. And I am so sensitive at the sight of blood or even the talking about it that I become white around the nose and have to lay flat on the floor.

    Not that I was so "discreet, tactful" on these boards. I remember that in a historical discussion about "capotes anglaises" I said to a lady of these boards (it can have been Caro, while she was discussing the content of the cesspit being distributed manually over the garden) that we did it the same way, immediately after WWII in our new house, which had been used as a telephone centre by the Germans during the war. And I remembered that while my father was emptying the cesspit only some year or two after the war we saw a lot of swollen"capotes anglaises" "swimming" on the surface of the pit. My father's comment that it had to be German quality label...
    I am still ashamed about all that and the text has to be here still somewhere on the boards...but we can't erase it anymore...

    Minette, kind regards from your old little Belgian (but tall in reality) friend,


    PS: Minette, if you join the Historum forum, you can exchange private messages and so if both parties want it exchange also E-mail adresses. See you perhaps at Historum...Don't promise I'll give you my E-mail smiley - smiley)

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    , in reply to message 56.

    Posted by VF (U5759986) on Sunday, 18th December 2011

    Who was the poster who used to POST in a KIND of CODE about historical SUBJECTS by PUTTING certain WORDS in capital LETTERS!

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    , in reply to message 57.

    Posted by islanddawn (U7379884) on Monday, 19th December 2011

    He is back under a new name VF, look down the list of threads and anything by David James Wall is the man you are looking for.

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  • Message 59

    , in reply to message 55.

    Posted by Tim of Acleah (U1736633) on Thursday, 22nd December 2011

    Hi AA

    Thanks for the mention and hope to see you on Jiglu world history on Google sometime.



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