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Deutschland Uber Alles, after ...

With the Greek and Italian governments changing hands, and ...


baz Nov 28, 2011

What happened to the remains ...

Friday. 6th November, 2009. 11:44 hoursRe. Golden Hind.Although ...


RSS_643_IKWI G Nov 28, 2011

Tank Week 18-02/24-02-18

From Monday 18th February, until Sunday 24th February 1918, The ...


Amphion Nov 28, 2011

Sir Thomas More

Just finished reading 'Wolf Hall' by Hilary Mantel ...


miss elizabeth Nov 27, 2011

Jack Johnson vs Jim Jeffries

Was this the most important heavyweight title bout in ...


shivfan Nov 25, 2011

The Right Kind of History

I heard about this project on 'Today' this morning and of ...


somewhatsill y Nov 24, 2011

German knowledge of Bletchley ...

HiWas just curious about whether the Germans knew the function of ...


marchog_du_a ka_Stoggler Nov 23, 2011

Battle of Brunanburh site?

Churchill once said that said the English owed their existence as ...


Huscarl Nov 22, 2011

Hewson family tree

While doing some family tree research I came across this ...


Joanne Ross Nov 21, 2011

James BOND: SIS / MI6. Who do ...

Monday 14th November, 2011. GMT:1251Re: SIS / MI6With ...


David James Wall Nov 21, 2011

Moulton Windmill - as seen on ...

Just wanted to let everyone know that the sail are due to go on ...


windymiller Nov 20, 2011

Friday Quiz

Morning...Hoping this one might be a bit more successful than last ...


History Host Nov 20, 2011

Passing of Time - living history

I know this isn't a revelation as such but it's weird to think ...


GrandFalconR ailroad Nov 18, 2011

The Tea Party movement

Does the US Tea Party movement have any credibility in re ...


Papa Nopsis Nov 16, 2011

Historical Perspective. Or ...

Coming to grips with the scale of historic periods before you were ...


Dai Digital Nov 15, 2011

Chronicle - and much more.

I'm sure you will all be as pleased as I was to be shown ...


somewhatsill y Nov 14, 2011

Forget the Tudors and think ...

I was reading this article today and rather think the author has ...


islanddawn Nov 14, 2011

Friday Quiz

Hello there,Hope you're all looking forward to the weekend ...


History Host Nov 13, 2011

My mum talks to pupils about ...

My old Mum (85) was asked by her local primary school to give a ...


Stephen Beat Nov 9, 2011


i watched this excellent documentary series what i havent ...


stalti Nov 9, 2011

On this day: 6 November

1999: In a national referendum, Australians vote to keep the ...


Vizzer aka U_numbers Nov 7, 2011

Friday Quiz

Hello everyone, Here's today's poser (well, I'm hoping it's a ...


History Host Nov 7, 2011

Younger sons in Britain

I am reading a book on immigration from England to New Zealand on ...


Caro Nov 6, 2011


Ihave just listened to the episode of Misha Glenny's history of ...


Munchener Nov 6, 2011

A Line in the Sand

I've just picked up this book by James Barr from the library ...


shivfan Nov 5, 2011

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