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Polish Parachute Brigade

Hello.My name is Matthew Wierzbowski, and my father ...


Mattwski Aug 15, 2007

War Service Records

Hi AllWhat a strange coincidence! Dad's records arrive on the day ...


CTNana Aug 15, 2007

Surprised to see that this ...

Hoping you've copied off all the links and articles that you ...


ex4thhussar Aug 15, 2007

The Great Lie !

A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a ...


LIII 1940 Aug 14, 2007

Pegasus awarded to Gunners?

My late father Arthur 'Nobby' Clark, was in the Royal ...


hunnybun Aug 14, 2007

Anyone remember Deolali ...

Mum and Dad were stationed in Deolali. They married at the ...


constancewin ifred Aug 14, 2007

WWII Royal Navy Group

Hi all,I've really enjoyed reading the Royal Navy stories ...


Wren_Foreman Aug 14, 2007

poem on war

The Bereaved Mother*****************I had my ...


watchfulmrid uldas Aug 14, 2007

Squadron leader J. E. Blair

Hi, is there anyone who can help me, to get contact with the ...


ajwemmers Aug 14, 2007

north africa world war 2

did anyone fit or know anything about long stop hill. tunisia


maraboo Aug 14, 2007

Injured during WW2....

Is there a record / list anywhere that lists people in the army ...


jacksparrow7 1 Aug 14, 2007

After Dunkirk

I have asked this on the War and Comflicks site. What happened ...


Grumpyfred Aug 14, 2007

Argyll and sutherland ...

Hello allIam new to all this. Iam trying to find out a little bit ...


Grumpywarnoc k Aug 14, 2007

India 1945

I served with 10th Field Regiment Royal Artillery 2nd Indian ...


sgtbeal Aug 14, 2007

Deciphering WW2 record

Hi, have just found this site - read and cried at lots of ...


camhmt Aug 14, 2007

Trooper Tom Canning you have ...

I have been looking into and trying to establish my great ...


natasha-taz Aug 14, 2007

Fighting in WWII

How does it feel to know you fought in WWII?


shiage Aug 14, 2007

pow italy

just had my dads statement of service back and i dont ...


suep1849 Aug 14, 2007

Corps Gas School Italy

I have been directed to this board by a kind person from War & ...


GoddessGaia Aug 14, 2007


Hello everyone,I wondered if anyone could help me please,my ...


mrsmoo68 Aug 14, 2007

Refugees from Belgium in WW2

In May 1940 I was, with my family and many others seeking safety ...


Jangoderis Aug 14, 2007

Italy 1943 to 1945

I have been asked by Ron to be more specific and ask some ...


MMCAndrew Aug 14, 2007

Looking for info on someone ...

I am looking for any information on a Raymond Collingham who died ...


jessicasuper nan Aug 14, 2007

F/Lt.Douglas Sellors

Dear all,Iam looking for information and family from ...


Dopeygreensp arks Aug 14, 2007

Another place for WW2 Memories

The BBC has launched a new memory site where people can add ...


Jeremy Mortimer Aug 14, 2007

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