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gcse options, help by tomorrow

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    Posted by OliveBaseballBee (U14448308) on Thursday, 4th July 2013

    Hello to anyone reading this,
    unfortunately, i'm in a slight dilemma and am not sure which subject to take out of Business studies and Graphics Communications (these are the subject titles at school), and i've already picked all of my other subjects.

    I'm thinking between these two subjects solely because i want to take one subject that is a little easier and fun... something i can really enjoy.

    i currently take photography gcse, outside of my normal curriculum because my school offered it a year early, as a sixth period. I am currently on an A grade but would try to aim for an A/A* in the graphics gcse if i were to take it.

    i really enjoy photography, and am aware that the graphics course structure is really similar, however, im slightly worries about how time consuming graphics may be as year ten is quite a pressured year.

    i think i could excel in graphics as i have done photography and understand it better, but i am NOT great at drawing. I CAN BARELY DRAW A FLOWER. i am really worries about this.

    however, im worried about business as i am aware that the teachers seem to copy most of their lessons from the internet and dont seem to put much effort into the lessons, plus i dont think i would have any fun with the subject - ive had one lesson as a taster and i felt as if i was falling asleep throughout the lesson.

    thank you

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