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What should i take for my GCSE?

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    Posted by Christina (U15433843) on Saturday, 22nd September 2012

    In the future i would like a job of working as a business woman, so can you tell me what is ideal to take for my year 10 GCSEs?

    Also the topics that i'm good at and i like is: Maths, English, Art, Drama, Food Tech, Dance, I.C.T, German, etc.. can you also tell me what is an ideal job to link these things?

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    Posted by Frankenstein_Host (U14809763) on Friday, 5th October 2012

    Hi Christina,

    It would be quite difficult to link those subjects to any ideal job. Maths and English for example are core subjects, and useful with any job. Learning a second language is always useful - especially with business.

    It's a little early to try and specialise your subjects towards your future career goals. It might be best to do subjects that interest you. You will have plenty of chances to specialise later on! And you never know, you may change your mind and decide to be a scientist instead smiley - smiley

    But these are just my opinions...

    Do you have a career advisor at your school you could talk to?

    Frankenstein Host

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    Posted by OliveBaseballBee (U14448308) on Saturday, 6th October 2012

    heyyy ive just started all of my gcses and i have so much advice!
    Okay so i want to be a Chemist when im older and i chose: History, Geography, Business, RE, French and then all of the compulsories

    Business stuides is very easy and a nice relaxing subject
    although i didnt chose Food/ catering myself, i know from my friends advice athat it is not worth it and doesnt help with much (but of course this depends on the school and the persons opinion)

    Geography is very fun and interesting (depending if you like science
    and depending on with exam board you have chosen/ school has chosen,
    maths is very beneficial for unit one

    History is a very large based subject and involves a high amount of

    ^ again this all depends on your school and exam boards
    best of luck and hoped i could help xx

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    Posted by Christina (U15433843) on Monday, 15th October 2012

    Yeah true it is a bit early i guess. and i don't think there is a career adviser at my school. but thank you.

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    Posted by Christina (U15433843) on Monday, 15th October 2012

    Thank you for your advise. It helped me quite alot, and hope you doing okay with your gcses. =)

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    Posted by U15499415 (U15499415) on Monday, 12th November 2012

    I've heard that child care really bumps up your maths grade. My son was predicted a D in maths then he took child care and he got his grade up to a D+.


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    Posted by U15533974 (U15533974) on Monday, 10th December 2012

    Well, as far as I am aware of English, Maths and science are compulsory at GCSE . However, for your subjects if you want to go into business then business studies is definitely a good choice, it broadens your mind however it does get boring and very depends on your engagement in the class and who you have as you mind can drift on in this lesson a lot!
    I would also advise you on taking geography, I didn't take it at GCSE but I really wish I had. It sounds really good and most jobs value this subject a lot. You need your geography in business.
    Economics/History are good subjects because you get to learn about the great depression. Economics, you learn about the government and business. This is far more respected than business and obviously harder.
    A second language is a definite because this is important for your career and life. It will certainly get you further in life and more employable. I enjoy French. French is good.
    Don't take D&T, stay clear from it. Everyone who does DT at my school absolutely hates it. It is nothing like what you do at high school. There is little practicle work and lots of writing. You just have to justify A LOT why you do this and why you do that.
    I.C.T is apparently suppose to be good though and fairly easy.
    and take one subject you enjoy like art. Not too sure about dance, it seems pointless for your career but if you enjoy it take it.

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    Posted by U15554881 (U15554881) on Sunday, 30th December 2012

    Hi, at this stage, what you pick for your GCSE's really don't affect your future career. Just do what you enjoy the most. My favourite subject was DT (product design) but just choose what you enjoy the most right now. When you get to A-Levels, then start thinking about what subjects will be helpful for you future career.
    Hope that helped smiley - smiley

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