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Closure of Bitesize Message ...

The Bitesize messageboards will close permanently at 16:00 BST ...


Bitesize Moderatio... Jul 3, 2013

easy question

whats more important to you, better grade on the gcse or the ...


OliveBasebal lBee Jul 4, 2013

gcse options, help by tomorrow

Hello to anyone reading this, unfortunately, i'm in a slight ...


OliveBasebal lBee Jul 4, 2013

Temporary later Saturday ...

Hi everyone,From Saturday 8th June – Saturday 27th July 2013, the ...


Frankenstein _Host Jun 7, 2013


hi i have choose business as a GCSE choice and i am starting in ...


Ellie Jun 2, 2013

Changes in the industrial sectors

Hi, for my merit criteria I have been asked to research the ...


CharlieField 16 May 25, 2013

profit and loss accounts!

Hi, tomorrow I have my Business GCSE UNIT 7 exam and I'm ...


U15456439 May 23, 2013

in need of HELP, what are....

shares, stock market and stock exchange? and can you tell me ...


U15613490 May 19, 2013


hey! does anybody know the consequences of a takeover, of a ...


U15621059 May 19, 2013


Hi, I'm from Scotland and studying the Higher Course, but they ...


Kels May 3, 2013

Business in a week..?

Hey there! Does anyone have any ideas on starting and managing ...


U15302001 Apr 14, 2013

linear graphs

I am really confused on linear graphs and rearranging to find ...


U15644441 Apr 14, 2013

Business finance

What factors are considered when choosing sources of finance and ...


U15639750 Apr 14, 2013

dropping business

hi im in yr10 and im thinking of dropping business because its ...


U15640440 Apr 14, 2013

Business studies; aims & ...

Hello guys. I need a little help on a few things. My teacher ...


SoniaBVB Jan 30, 2013


We have recently made some changes to the BBC iD accounts.The ...


Frankenstein _Host Jan 28, 2013

Sources of Finance

I'm struggling with the different sources of finance. We've been ...


U15431449 Jan 9, 2013

Variable costs

I don't understand how to work these out they always come up in ...


Uroosak1 Jan 9, 2013


Im in yr 9 and I never done business, so I have no clue what ...


U15309946 Jan 8, 2013

What is the best advice you ...

My exam for Business Studies is on the 10th of Jan and I'm revising ...


Trish Jan 7, 2013

What should i take for my GCSE?

In the future i would like a job of working as a business woman, ...


Christina Dec 30, 2012

Is Business HARD?

I chose Art,German,Geography and Business for GCSE's. Is Business ...


U15238475 Nov 13, 2012

GCSE Business Studies

I am picking my subjects this year for GCSE and was just wondering ...


snapbandit Nov 11, 2012

business studies

hi i cant remember why production process is important in a ...


javed Nov 8, 2012

Messageboards to open late ...

We regret that the Bitesize Messageboards will to open late ...


Frankenstein _Host Nov 1, 2012

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