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    Posted by U15500690 (U15500690) on Monday, 25th February 2013

    Its been a month since i have done my AQA GCSE SCIENCE BIOLOGY and i am going to get my results next week. i know ive done rubbish bcuz most of that paper was more like an ISA paper rather than a biology paper in my opinion. Im going to retake does anyone know what date this is?.. Whoalso found this test hard?

    Secondly is ISA's hard?

    Thirdly how am i meant to revise for chemistry biology and physics along with re and other subjects ;'( ANY REVISION TIPS?!?! PLEASE REPLY !

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    Posted by The Bitesize Science Teacher (U14392404) on Monday, 25th February 2013

    The next sitting for AQA Biology Paper 1 is on Wednesday 5th June in the afternoon.

    I think ISAs make you work hard for your marks but then again, it's the same for everyone. I suggest you take a look at the specimen controlled assessments and their mark schemes in AQA's ScienceLab site. These are not easy to find there, so here's a link to the Specimen Papers and Mark Schemes page:

    Once there, select your subject, then scroll down to the ISAs (shown with CA for Controlled Assessment). Take a good look at what these are like, and especially what your teachers have to look for when marking them. This should help you with your real ones.

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    Posted by U15281720 (U15281720) on Thursday, 28th February 2013

    I think I did this test as well. On evolution, genetic engineering etc. Just to let you know, all the people I asked found this hard and so did I , so many graphs : o. So don't worry, at least you didn't do it in the wrong colour pen ;(

    You could revise by making notes and asking to be tested on them. Also, practice using test papers and mark schemes so you get to know how what sorts of answers they are looking for.
    Good luck :D

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    Posted by Hollie (U15610399) on Friday, 1st March 2013

    As far as revising for a range of different topics it may be best to go out and buy some note books. Have some fun and make a cover page for each note book, this way you can focus on the topic and keep all your notes for that subject in one place. Be sure to ask your teachers for ANY additional materials or revision aids and past papers. Enquire about revision sessions at lunch time or after school.

    If you are interested in studying with friends then organise something, however, if working in a group isn't for you, you'll be able to tell pretty much straight away.
    Hope this helps!

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