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    Posted by kiza9970 (U15624059) on Wednesday, 20th February 2013

    Hi I really want to get an A in additional science, But the trouble is that I don't know what the best way to revise is. If you could, could you please help me revise by giving me revision techniques and tips.
    Thanks smiley - smiley

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    Posted by U15625140 (U15625140) on Thursday, 21st February 2013

    Good revision tips that help me are:
    - Note cards - write key information on and they are easy to flip through wherever you are.
    - Mind maps - again, for writing key information on and you can make it colourful with highlighters.
    - Highlighters are brilliant for highlighting key information on a long page of text.
    - Past papers! These are a must for revision, as most papers write exactly the same questions but just word them differently, you can get these from your exam boards website.

    Hope I helped, and good luck revising!

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    Posted by Hollie (U15610399) on Friday, 1st March 2013

    It can be great looking at the way other people revise but you need to find the best way for you. Often, this is linked to which type of learner you are, but not always.
    Teachers will often say mindmaps are the best way to revise. Yes, for some people, this is true. But not everyone's mind works that way (personally, I find mindmaps difficult to follow and unorganised, and I don't use them). Some good base ideas are.
    - Re-write everything.
    Yes, it's time consuming, laborious and may bore you if you do it for too long but it's often the easiest way to remember something. In an exam, you'll be able to visualize yourself writing a fact out and automatically repeat this in the exam.
    - Make a model
    If you're talking about the structure of DNA try making a double helix, that way you will be able to remember the structure or process easily as you remember yourself remaking it.
    - Songs
    Try finding or writing a song about a topic that you need to revise. It is useful if you remember lyrics easily.
    - Post-its
    Using post-its prevents you from being able to write long passages and the brain takes small facts in better than an essay. Post its are useful for fact based exams such as maths, but less helpful for a subject where you need to argue a point, such as history.
    - Past Papers
    Often the easiest way to revise is to take in some information and answer questions on it.
    - Make the questions yourself
    If you struggle to remember something, imagine yourself sitting the exam and seeing a question relation to your topic, then try to answer it from what you have read.
    Sitting with a text book is not the answer. Be proactive about your learning and you'll ace it!
    Good Luck!

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