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    Posted by U15456567 (U15456567) on Sunday, 11th November 2012

    1. Complete the table.

    Atomic Number Atom Electronic Structure of Atom Ion Electronic Structure of Ion
    8 O c) e) [2,8]+
    19 a) 2,8,8,1 K+ g)
    17 Cl d) Cl- h)
    20 b) 2,8,8,2 f) i)
    j) Explain why Potassium Chloride is KCl but Potassium Oxide is K2O.
    k) Explain why Calciumm Oxide is CaO but Calcium Chloride is CaCl2.

    2. Draw dow and cross diagrams to show how you would expect the following elements to form ions together.
    a) Lithium and Chlorine
    b) Calcium and Oxygen
    c) Aluminium and Chlorine
    Thankyou Everyone!

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