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HELP ME PLEASE ASAP!!! Is Westernisation in Countries such as India and China a good or a bad thing?

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    Posted by U15456567 (U15456567) on Saturday, 5th January 2013

    I need highly detailed answers as it is for a Religious Studies Project. State Advantages and Disadvantages and back up your answer with evidence.

    Please Reply ASAP!!! Thankyou everyone. :D

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    Posted by U15492444 (U15492444) on Sunday, 6th January 2013

    Disadvantages could be: the local way of life is eradicated as a result of Western cultural takeover.
    Western globalisation emerging in China/India is frowned upon by a large number of the people, therefore violence & crime rates could increase as they become frustrated.
    Native religions - for instance, Hinduism, Confucianism, Taoism - that have prevailed for millennia could be threatened as a result of the establishment of Christian values brought in by Westerners.
    The Chinese/Indian governments could become too pro-Western and so end up serving the interests of the United States all the time rather than seving the interests of the Chinese/Indian people.
    Also, a large number of positions within the governments could be taken up by Westerners, thereby meaning that the population could become angry as they are not being represented by their own countrymen (Chinese/Indians)
    India in particular should not be Wetsernised because this could cause tension with its rival neighbour Pakistan. Both countries have been at war ever ever since the British departure in 1948, and India being Westernised could make tensions worse. Pakistan may feel that the United States is using India as a 'proxy' in order to pressure it more easily.
    Also, Pakistan may feel threatened by the presence of American military bases in India.
    Fast food places like McDonalds could be a more common thing if Westernisation prevails, thus more people could become unhealthy as a result of eating at them, and that doesn't do the country any good as some may even die as a result of eating unhealthily.

    Advantages could be: promotes multiculturalism and unity between peoples.
    Chinese Communism is tyrannical and it would be good to see it being replaced by Western Capitalism which ensures freedom and human rights et cetera.
    The Indian and Chinese economies will improve as a result of Western free trade and the taking of positions within the economic sector by Western experts and bankers etc.

    Hope this helped.

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