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What Hindu God Interests You?

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    Posted by U15426717 (U15426717) on Saturday, 15th September 2012

    Currently in my Religious Studies we are learning about the many Hindu Gods. Our last task is to simply investigate a Hindu God or Goddess and create a leaflet/poster/book about them. But I just can't decide what Hindu God to talk about! They are all very interesting and everything about them means something significant. I want to hear what other people think of certain Hindu Gods and why that God interests them! Maybe it will help me decide what God to investigate..!

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    Posted by samar (U15449857) on Saturday, 6th October 2012

    If you are really want your question to be answered then you have to go to INDIA .Although it is very difficult to answer your question but you would appreciate the connection of modern science with the teachings in VEDAS ,UPANISHADS AND HOLY BHAGVAD GEETA and their teaching can be appreciated in our daily life.

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