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    Posted by U15110507 (U15110507) on Saturday, 4th February 2012

    Why do atheists reject immortality

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    Posted by Hannah (U14987143) on Sunday, 5th February 2012

    If you are an atheist then you probably do not belong to any tradition of thinking at all which means not all atheists think the same thing and so we must remember that. The culmination of God's work in Christianity and Judaism is a time, era or place of total peace and love, usually understood to come after death and after judgement and generally referred to as heaven, kingdom of God or paradise. Heaven is understood as a place in which we receive immortality, where we will live forever. Immortality is a belief which is heavily rooted in religious ideas and so this is the most likely reason that atheists would reject the idea of immortality.

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    Posted by Dani (U15028570) on Monday, 6th February 2012

    I agree with Hannah - If you don't believe in a god, what means do you have to become immortal??
    Some(but not all) atheists are very 'I believe it if I can see it'-orientated, so if there's no-one immortal around, why should they believe in immortality?
    It's not that they don't think about it or fantasise about it, just that they often don't quite believe it.

    I think. Correct me if I'm wrong smiley - smiley

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    Posted by U15492444 (U15492444) on Tuesday, 6th November 2012

    Most likely because nothing is immortal in the world that we can see; even the universe isn't 'immortal', as we know it had a beginning and so it must have an end.
    However, since Christians and other religionists believe that there is more to our world than meets the eye, they would say that some things are immortal, or everlasting.

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    Posted by Han Ban (U14706661) on Thursday, 8th November 2012

    Because desiring immortality is basically seen as a fear of death. The fear of an unknown ending, which is reasonable to fear. But why should you fear death when it is a vital part of life? So tempted to quote the Lion King, but I won't. Everything has its beginning and end, and death is as natural as life. Why fear something you don't even really know anything about?

    It's worth enjoying and appreciating this life, making the most of everything, rather than thinking you don't have to bother. Although I am a Pagan and so believe in reincarnation, I still think it's worth making the most of your time here because that way you'll have a real effect on other people's lives and your own.

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    Posted by U15532345 (U15532345) on Sunday, 9th December 2012

    they may reject it because of the replies above but i think it might be because they fear watching their familes grow old and die

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